Yolk Brunch

During my trip to Chicago, my friend took us to this splendid place for brunch. It’s called Yolk! I think there are a few locations in the Chicago area. This is probably the ultimate brunch place. They have an extensive menu, so I would recommend browsing it a little before coming.

Atmosphere:  There were a tonnnn of people waiting outside so we figured the wait had to have been at least an hour. We headed to a nearby coffee shop to kill some time. The venue didn’t look too big, but somehow the turnover was pretty fast. We got called after half an hour! They also have some patio seating under a cabana. Tables are somewhat close to each other and there are two sides to this particular location.

Pricing: A little bit on the cheaper end of some brunches I’ve been to, about $9-$12 for entrees, averaging ~$10 for most.

Service: Very efficient and fast! Our server was very quick to take our orders and serve us. She was pretty much on top of things!



My dish! The croque madame – grilled ham, turkey, melted swiss, dijon smacked between two challah french toasts and topped with a sunny side up egg (had to get something with yolk in it!). This was VERY filling. I ended up only eating most of the insides and maybe one french toast.


Big easy skillet – andouille sausage, green peppers, onions, tomatoes over potatoes with jack cheese, and 2 scrambled eggs on top. I had a bite and it was pretty good, but on the heavier side.


This was probably my favorite dish that my friend got, the red velvet french toast! It has swirls of cream cheese, topped with strawberries and a side with whip cream. It’s so unique and delicious, it’s a must try.


Carnita egg sandwich – pulled pork, pineapple-mango salsa, goat cheese and a friend egg, topped with a pretzel bun. I didn’t have a bite of this but from what I can tell, my friend really enjoyed her dish and that the pork was tender.

Overall: This place has nearly every dish you could want and more. It’s really hard to decide on a dish.. so I’m sure you’d come back if you had the chance. They have traditional dishes and also have a variety of unique dishes to cater to all. I would definitely recommend trying this place if you’re ever in Chicago!

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