Kathy’s Graduation Dinner

The weekend before Memorial Day weekend, I went down to Oregon (hence the Waffle Window pictures) for my cousin Kathy’s graduation dinner. The festivities were held at Ocean City Restaurant. Typical Chinese restaurant, you know.

Kathy’s delicious cake that was filled with banana.

Peking duck skin with shrimp chips. I love love love Peking duck.

Peking duck skin inserted to a delicious steamed hum bao bun filled topped with hoisin sauce and a mysterious green vegetable. It was a crunchy delight!

The rest of the duck, a little on the drier side, however the skin is always good (my favorite part).

This was crunchy chow mein that my cousin Cindy did a wonderful job of destroying. It’s filled with assorted seafood such as shrimp, squid, scallop, snap peas, and celery. No we didn’t eat the flower..

I love honey walnut prawns! (Okay, I probably say that about everything so far…) But seriously, I love mayo, so honey walnut prawns were delicious. It tasted like any other honey walnut prawn dish from a typical Chinese restaurant.

We had piles of food, those mushrooms up top were huge! They were pretty tasty too. We definitely did not finish everything.

Congraduation Kathy!! 🙂