Tea party!

At the top of Queen Anne is Cederberg Tea House. You can find it at the three way intersection. It’s a South African tea house that specializes in the rooibos latte and hosting tea parties. I’ve been here twice and love introducing people to this cafe!

Atmosphere: Cute cafe that has 4-5 tables a couple of couches and window seating. It’s a nice place to meet up with friends to catch up, get some studying done, or a have a tea party!

Pricing: Pretty average pricing for their lattes (~$4) and their pastries ($3-4) and other food items like sandwiches ($5-6).

Service: Really nice baristas that’ll help explain the process of making their infamous Rooibos latte and other delicious goodies.


Chicken and mushroom pastry with some gravy and pickled veggies. I think this pastry was about average for me.


Sausage roll – great savory pastry with a nice flaky outer coating. I love sausage, so I would definitely get this one again.


Melktart – milk custard tart. Not too sweet. The top reminds me of a sponge cake. This is probably one of their most popular desserts. Nice crusty edge.


Rooibos latte! They make this by extracting the Rooibos tea leaves through their espresso machine. Love it!  FYI it’s herbal so don’t expect any caffeine in this. It’s a delicious, soothing drink. I love that it also comes with a little shortbread.

Overall: I love this little shop! My friend also likes their appletiser, which is sparkling apple cider. They also have other South African cookies that they sell in packages. I have yet to have a tea party here, but you can reserve a table by phone or online and it’s starting at $30/person for one of their menus and $35/person for the other. They have a ton of goodies that they include and it seems like quite a delight to indulge in. Overall, this is a unique cafe that’s a great find in Seattle 🙂

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