Tasty tasty…. tasty

I went to Portland over Thanksgiving break and right before I took the Bolt Bus back to Seattle, I went to Tasty n Son’s with Johnny. The wait was about an hour, but it was located in cute area of Portland so it was fun to walk around and explore.

Atmosphere: This is a pretty large restaurant that is connected to some other shops. It was very open and we sat at the bar that opened right into the kitchen, so it was fun to watch them work 🙂 It was nice they also had hooks underneath the bar to put your bags also. The decor is minimal, but also very clean and nice.

Pricing: So this is a family style kind of dining. There are small/appetizer dishes along with larger dishes to share. Small dishes were around ~$4-6 and larger dishes were about $8-12.

Service: From when I walked in, I put my name on the list and the hostess was really friendly. I liked how they ask for your phone number to contact you when your table is ready. So we ended up just walking around this quirky area. They also write down the wait time as an estimate. Our server was also really nice and knew what she was talking about concerning the food.

Food: (Just FYI, this was taken with an iPhone 4s, not on my SLR 🙁 Sorry for lower resolution)
Our view sitting at the bar

We started off with the chocolate potato doughnut with creme anglaise, which is an English creme that is basically a light custard. This small bite size appetizer was a little sweet, sugar coated, and a little crunchy on the outside, while soft in the middle. We noticed they cooked these by deep frying them.

Sweet biscuit with blueberry compote and light whip cream. These biscuits were actually like mini biscuits, but their outer crust was cooked to perfection. They gave us plenty of blueberries, which were so delicious!

Another bite size dish. Roasted apple with bacon lardons & cheddar cheese. I could not say how much I love bacon and they really nailed it with this dish. Very interesting combination of the sweet apple and savory bacon. I was also quite pleased 🙂

This was by far, my favorite dish. This is one of the main courses, called Shakshuka. It’s comprised of red pepper in a tomato stew with baked eggs (I’m a sucker for eggs in my dishes). We also added some merguez sausages (they also gave us plenty of it in this dish). This dish had such an explosion of great flavor that I didn’t get sick of while eating this. It was a huge portion that I shared and we still had some left over.

A little disappointing that the cheese was not melted… -5 points. We ordered this on a whim after eating our first 3 smaller dishes thinking we weren’t going to be full, we were wrong. It was alright compared to other fried chicken breakfast dishes I’ve had. The chicken had a honey outer coating, which was nice though. We ate about half of this and I took it home to eat. Definitely melted the cheese 🙂

Overall: I really really liked this restaurant and so did Johnny. He has actually been here before and when he went, their gas went out and they ended up getting some free dishes along with champagne! They were really friendly to accomodate for their kitchen mishap. How have I not been here before in all of my visits to Portland? I highly recommend this restaurant, it’s definitely one of the best brunches I’ve had in a while.

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