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Hi all! I’m so so sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve been a little busy with work, rotations, and catching up with friends to post but I finally managed to have some time to blog! This post will be a little bit different and feature a collection of places I visited over my trip to LA and Vegas. I hope you enjoy my quick snippets šŸ™‚


Snow Monster: Located in Santa Ana, this charming dessert place features a number of delectable items. Mango shave ice with mochi and strawberry, thai tea boba with tapioca in an enormous mason jar that you can pay to keep, and a fruity pebbles macaron with a scoop of taro ice cream in the middle.Ā Cutest collection of desserts one could concoct.


LACMA:Ā Urban lighting! Free to look at, located right off the street.


Brodard’s: Another place in Santa Ana to visit. These special spring rolls include lettuce, carrot, special grilled pork sausage, crunchy outer egg roll shell, cucumber, chives, rice paper, and special house sauce. These unique spring rolls are no where else to be found!


Popbar at Anaheim Packing District: You’ve probably seen this all over Instagram. Left: strawberry gelato bar kit kat style. Right: Green tea gelato kit kat style. DeliciousĀ gelato that’s dipped in chocolate and toppings and made right in front of you. Expect a little bit of a line! This hipster building features other delicious foods with different backgrounds. You’re bound to find something you like here.


Samurai burrito: There’s a lot going on in this picture. Featured up close and personal are the Samurai super nachos – deep fried wonton crisps topped with crab, salmon, tuna, eel, masago, green onions, furikake, and rooster sauce. VERY filling and definitely shareable between at least 4 people. In the background are a collection of different sushi burritos. The one that I got was the geisha (right most) – salmon, sliced green onion, cucumber, crab mix, and shibu-yu house mix.

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Shake Shack: Finally a Shake Shack on the West side! This is located at the New York New York Hotel. This is a picture of the shack stack. The deep fried portion is of a mushroom filled with American cheese. It’s quite delicious! They also have other burgers but this is by far my favorite. They’re also known for their custards. Lots of different things to try on the menu!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed the food highlights of my trip and if you get a chance, to visit them yourself! Have a lovely week everyone!

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NYC – Shake it

My friend, Tia, worked in New York all summer and she always mentioned Shake Shack. It’s a chain fast food restaurant, but there was definitely one thing not fast about them – the lines. Every Shake Shack I saw in NYC had a line, especially the one in Madison Square Garden. The line wrapped around this one area and it seemed like at least an hour wait. We went to the one near Wall Street/Brooklyn bridge area.

Check out this burger! What is that brown, deep fried goodness that is on top of that cheesy patty? That is a deep fried portobello mushroom. “Shack Stack,” small diameter, but it is enormously tall. You had to squeeze it to actually take a bite!

Cheese fries! It was Shack cheddar and American cheese. The cheese tasted like the kind of cheese you would put on nachos. It would have been perfect if it had some bacon bits in it…

This wasn’t mine.. but I thought I’d show you something out of the ordinary that they serve. This is frozen custard!! Sort of like ice cream, but a little richer and creamier. Vanilla custard with shortbread or peanut butter? Not entirely sure.

The burger hit the spot though. It could have used a little bit more vegetables because it was pretty cheesy. Overall, delicious.

Shake Shack (Madison Square Park) on Urbanspoon

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