NYC – Dessert for days!

I’m sure you have seen or at least heard of the movie, Serendipity. Basically, it’s about a couple and they eat ice cream at this place, Serendipity 3! This place has ultimate desserts… as you will see. Unfortunately, this cafe charges a minimum of $8 per person, so each person might as well order a dessert. In addition, they also serve food, but we just went there for the desserts.

Strawberry fields sundae, cheesecake, strawberry ice cream, strawberries, and whip cream. Yum, this was one of my favorites that we ate.

Frozen strawberry lemonade called “pink ice.” Nice drink to sip on that wasn’t too sweet

“Big apple pie,” that actually wasn’t that big, but just a slice of pie. My friend Tiffany really liked this. There was a nice mixture of flavors of apple, peacan and crust.

The most famous frozen hot chocolate. This was my other favorite. I couldn’t stop drinking this!

You usually always have to wait because this cafe is pretty small. There’s no reservations and it’s a little hard to find, off of a main street. It’s a little overpriced here, but it’s worth going to try. The decorations remind me of being in Alice in Wonderland. They also have this “Golden Opulence Sundae,” which earned them a spot in the Guinness World Record book. It costs $1,000 and you need to order it 48 hours in advance. These weren’t the best tasting, but it was a fun experience sharing all of these desserts.
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