SRW at Flying Fish

I went to Flying Fish for my last SRW for dinner. It’s located in SLU right by near Whole Foods. The menu looked pretty tasty and we decided to give it a try despite just decent Yelp ratings.

Atmosphere: A pretty big restaurant that is split into two sections with one side by the bar and a few booths and the other side with booths and tables. Nice huge decor lights that reminds me of Ikea shaped lanterns. The vibe that I get is that it’s a common place to meet business associates after work. Lots of people are wearing suits, so I felt a little under dressed. It was definitely packed on a Thursday night so I’m glad I made a reservation.

Pricing: Dinner is 3 courses for $30

Service: For how busy it was, our server did a great job. The food came out reasonably quick and we finished our three courses within 1.5 hours.


Appetizer – flat iron steak bites with hoisin glaze, pickled ginger, and scallions. It’s a little hard to see because it’s dark, but there were quite a few pieces in there. I can definitely taste the hoisin, which is a nice asian sauce that I’m very familiar with (commonly used in pho).


Appetizer – black and blue deep fried brussel sprouts with bacon bits and blue cheese. I’m not a huge fan of blue cheese, but this combo worked pretty well. The brussel sprouts were cooked great and the flavors went well and the bacon helped balance it out.


Entree – squid inked risotto with seared scallops and lemon caper butter. The risotto was rather tasteless and bland, but the seared scallops were really great!


Entree – roasted pork belly with asparagus, mango chutney, and herbed quinoa. I tried the squid ink risotto first and then after trying this, it was a total 180 in terms of flavor. The mango chutney is exploding with flavor! The pork belly had a super crisp topping that was difficult to cut with a knife, but not terrible when you chew it. Overall, a pretty solid dish.


Dessert – Madagascar princess bourbon creme brulee with turbinado brown sugar. Pretty standard creme brulee.


Dessert – Sea salt caramel cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry sauce. This dessert is all about the texture. The top layer is a chocolatey gelatin and then it’s soft, marshmallow like and creamy and the final layer is a little harder similar to a cookie. This is a rich dessert that balances well with the creme brulee, which is light and airy.

Overall: I thought everything was solid! Nothing was poorly done, maybe the bland squid ink risotto, but besides that we were pretty pleased with our meal. Their happy hour menu looks pretty promising, so I might have to come back for that. This is a pretty standard American seafood restaurant that does all around solid food. Nothing to complain here!

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Seafood in all its glory

This place has been on my list for the longest time and I’m so happy to have tried it for my Birthday. (Sorry this is a delayed post, my birthday was in September). It is Walrus and the Carpenter nestled in Ballard. Last time I went here was for happy hour. The wait was 1.5 hrs and by the time I got in, it would have been over. Sadly, I hadn’t been back since.. but here I am now!

Atmosphere: The restaurant is located in the heart of Ballard and the entrance is through this door next to another restaurant and you walk all the way to the back of the building and the main entrance is there. It’s a little hidden and I wouldn’t have known if it weren’t for my first visit with someone who’s been before. There’s a large bar where a most of the seating is. There’s also some patio seating outside. We still had to wait about 30 minutes or so for the two of us.

Pricing: Plates range from $8-$12 and oysters were market price $3-$4.

Service: The food came out pretty quick and our service was pretty good. I had a great time sitting at the bar and watching the guys behind the kitchen shuck oysters.

IMG_1417 IMG_1415 IMG_1422

Our flight of oysters. 2 barron points, 2 glaciers, and 2 baywaters. Such fresh oysters! I tried going to their happy hour with discounted oysters but the line is pretty ridiculous.


Shaved baby squash, sesame, yogurt, and pumpkin oil. The acidic flavor was pretty light and it felt like a refreshing dish.


Steak tartare with egg yolk and rye toast. This is definitely one of their staple dishes and now I know why! Every. single. bite. was. delicious.


Fried oysters with cilantro aioli. Holy crap these suckers are huge! A way bigger portion than I expected, not that I’m complaining. I was a very happy camper.


Grilled sardines with walnuts, parsley, and shallot. Interesting dish, probably not one of my favorites, but I’m glad I tried it. It felt a little heavy with the sauce.


Steamed manila clams with basil, tomato, garlic, and grilled bread. Another generous serving worth of food. I was pretty happy with this and I loved loved the broth.

We ended the night with a shebang of this bread pudding with espresso butter sauce and a dollop of whipped cream. Yum yum yum.

Overall: This was a very very delectable meal at one of Seattle’s must try restaurants. I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to try this. If you love seafood, then this is definitely a place you should not miss! They rotate their menu with various items, but keep their staples so you don’t have to worry about losing out on trying these dishes.

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