Sandwich Manwich

Deemed one of the most delicious sandwich shops in Seattle, is Salumi. Adam Richman is on Best Sandwich in America featured on the Travel Channel declared the oxtail sandwich as one of the best in the nation. This exclusive shop is only open 11-4 Tues-Fri located in Pioneer Square. There is always a line, no matter when you go.

Atmosphere: It’s a pretty small shop and there is not much space to sit and eat. However, they do cater for parties of about 8-10 with a special set menu. It’s a very homey shop and it seems like everyone is family there.

Pricing: Sandwiches are about $8-$10. They accept card or cash. They are very well known for their specialty meats so many purchase those in addition.

Service: Once you’re finally in the store, they will make your sandwich as you order it right in front of you. Kind of like Subway. For my first time, they were very nice and gave great advice to what tastes good with what. If you find space to sit down there are water cups for you. There are also people who bus your table for you after you’re done.

Food: Oxtail is their specialty sandwich that they only have every couple of months  for one week and it is the one that Adam Richman tried. That Tuesday, I attempted to go, but within 20 minutes, they sold out of the sandwich!
I went on Friday and got there 45 minutes early to get the sandwich! Sorry this is poorer quality, it was taken with my phone. Here it is – oxtail! It is a tomato stew, in their infamous pocket bread. There was some celery in it also. Huge sandwich! I ate half and was plenty full. The meat was ridiculously tender.
On the day they ran out of oxtail, I got the Salumi Salami sandwich. This is one of their many cold sandwiches. I also got it with mozzarella cheese (additional $1.50). Also in their pocket bread. This was definitely a lighter sandwich than the hot ones and it was a perfect combination of meat with cheese. I could probably eat this everyday.

Overall: I’ve been here three times and the first time, I got the porchetta with onions (also comes with green peppers, but I’m not a big fan). It was a very meaty sandwich, a little bit too meaty for me, but it was still quite delicious in the pocket bread. There are so many sandwiches to try that I would definitely come again. You can expect to wait for an average of about half an hour though, but it only makes eating the sandwich that much more better.

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