The latest food craze

I’m talking about the ramen burger! I had the opportunity to be in NYC and got to try this novelty. It was the 4th week of Smorgasburg that Keizo Shimamoto would be serving his burger. I got there at about 9:30 to wait in line (the flea food market opens at 11). We were probably behind 50 people and they would serve 450 burgers that day. The location that this Saturday Smorgasburg was in was Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and man it had a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline. You could see everything!

Atmosphere: Food flea market where all the hipsters of Brooklyn flee to. Their booth is across from another burger booth… I’m sure they weren’t pleased at all these past few weeks.

Pricing: 8 bucks for a ramen burger and only 1 per person

Service: They have an assembly line going on.. one person that makes the ramen, another the burger, and a couple of ladies to assembly it right in front of you.



Overall: The texture of the ramen wasn’t crispy or anything that you might expect. It was just warm and compacted noodles. You can definitely taste the beef more than the ramen in each bite. The sauce that goes on the burger was certainly the best part. Overall though, I’d say that the ramen burger was just ok! There’s a huge hype because it’s so unique, but other than that I had a fun experience at Smorgasburg and got to check out other vendors. I really enjoyed one in particular – a stand that sold this lemonade drink and they used large mason jars for it, all for 6 bucks!