Brunch with the bf

I went up to the U-District, where University of Washington is and it was July 4th.. and my boyfriend and I were trying to decide what’s open to eat! I lived relatively close to Portage Bay and suggested it. We’ve both been to it many times and it fill us up, completely.

We didn’t want to get the huge combo, which included the Toppings Bar (with organic fruits and granola, whip cream, butter, syrup… you get the idea), but we knew we wanted to Toppings bar! So both of us ordered french toast. Mine was apple crumble french toast. They gave us 3 huge thick pieces for our french toast. He got the regular one.

This was the end result of mine after going to the Toppings bar! It doesn’t seem like much fruit until you see Johnny’s (my bf, did I ever mention his name?).

He piled on everything!!!

He loves loves loves raspberries.

Don’t come here if you aren’t hungry. There is also usually a wait… It was nice because that day, they opened the patio for seating. There was a pleasant breeze and it was a great meal to just sit and enjoy 🙂 Definitely check it out! There are 3 Portage Bays around the Seattle area. It’s worth the money.

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