Hidden Pink Door

Hello! Sorry I have not been posting recently. I have been extremely busy with school! I have been applying to pharmacy school and had an interview with University of Hawaii last month. I got accepted a week later! It has been the highlight of my year so far. Back to the news of food, this is the last installment of Seattle Restaurant Week. (I know it’s been forever, my apologies!) This restaurant is called Pink Door that is in an alley near Pike Place. It’s very quaint.

Leaning tower of eggplant, rustic tomatoes. It all very tasty and had lots of good flavor. The oil also added a nice blend of flavors.

This was actually my appetizer that I did not enjoy as much. Calamari with spinach, garlic, and wine. I thought it was going to be deep fried because that was how I was used to. This was like a marinara sauce that seemed a little soupy.

“Bunny pasta” with mushrooms. Enough said

Grandma’s braciole. Steak flank with rich tomato sauce. It was.. okay, a little chewy. Not my favorite. Not pictured was the lasagna, which I heard was their best dish. I missed out for sure.

Every half hour or so, there was a trapeze artist that performed some pretty cool tricks. Very impressive! Right in the middle of the restaurant. The tables nearby probably felt like they would have gotten kicked. Notice the leaves on the floor.

Butterscotch pudding. It had a hint of alcohol in it, rum.. I believe. It was very, very good. The whip cream on the bottom added a nice soft flavor, even though the pudding was already soft. It made it seem “cooler.” Temperature wise

Rich, dark chocolate cake

Overall, a very entertaining place to come eat. Not sure if the food was my favorite, but the company was great that night.

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