More dumplings!

I read about this restaurant somewhere in an article a while back and I’ve been meaning to try it! It’s one of the few restaurants around Seattle that serve xiao long bao. This place served them only on the weekends, but now they serve them daily! The food feels authentic and home made. The restaurant is called Ping’s Dumplings and is in the heart of Chinatown.

Atmosphere: The restaurant is pretty small. It is also connected to their market next door. I would say a group of 4 is probably the maximum size I’d go with.

Pricing: It’s very cheap! They have lunch specials that are only $4.99 – you get a porridge and one item from a selected list. Other dishes range from $6-$8 for their specialties, dumplings for ~$5-$6, skewers and buns for ~$1.50.

Service: They are really friendly! The lady that was serving us gave us some nice suggestions and was quite smiley.



IMG_6473Dipping sauce with ginger

IMG_6474Our first Taiwanese style porridge! Tainmore porridge of corn meal, mung bean, red bean, tofu, peanuts and spinach. This was something completely different I’ve ever eaten. I’m used to eating congee.

IMG_6476Shrimp, pork, and cabbage dumpling. A plentiful amount for $6.


Green onion pancake – a pretty standard Taiwanese item. I thought it was ok!

IMG_6477Here they are! The xiao long bao. The cheapest around the area for only $8 bucks for 10 pieces. They don’t make any other kinds, just the simple juicy pork.

IMG_6481Mapo tofu. Boy was it spicy! I think if they toned the spice down, it would be more enjoyable. They definitely give you a lot for your money!

Overall: There are some other dishes I’d like to try so I would definitely come back. If you want more variety for the xiao long baos, I would go to Din Tai Fung. They keep it very simple here. Stop by here if you’re craving something like your mom’s cooking!

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