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Great view at Highline ParkLittle Italy

Probably one of my favorite stops I made… US Open! Love watching the pros do their thing.

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NYC – Shake it

My friend, Tia, worked in New York all summer and she always mentioned Shake Shack. It’s a chain fast food restaurant, but there was definitely one thing not fast about them – the lines. Every Shake Shack I saw in NYC had a line, especially the one in Madison Square Garden. The line wrapped around this one area and it seemed like at least an hour wait. We went to the one near Wall Street/Brooklyn bridge area.

Check out this burger! What is that brown, deep fried goodness that is on top of that cheesy patty? That is a deep fried portobello mushroom. “Shack Stack,” small diameter, but it is enormously tall. You had to squeeze it to actually take a bite!

Cheese fries! It was Shack cheddar and American cheese. The cheese tasted like the kind of cheese you would put on nachos. It would have been perfect if it had some bacon bits in it…

This wasn’t mine.. but I thought I’d show you something out of the ordinary that they serve. This is frozen custard!! Sort of like ice cream, but a little richer and creamier. Vanilla custard with shortbread or peanut butter? Not entirely sure.

The burger hit the spot though. It could have used a little bit more vegetables because it was pretty cheesy. Overall, delicious.

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NYC – Dinner and dessert

This was still the first day of New York, but we went all out 🙂 We went to S’mac, which is Sarita’s Mac & Cheese. A little place that is continually crowded. Then we headed over to this nearby bakery for some delicious desserts.

All 4 we got. These were “nosh” sized, but don’t be deceived by how small they look. (By the way, nosh was the smallest size) It was really filling with all the cheese.

I got the Alpine, which consisted of swiss cheese, gruyere (another type of cheese), and bacon. A friend got Cajun – cheddar, pepper jack, andouille sausage, green pepper, onions, celery, garlic and cajun seasoning. Another friend got Buffalo chicken – cheddar and american cheeses with boneless chicken wing pieces and buffalo wing sauce. I don’t remember what my other friend ordered, but I’m sure it was good!

On to dessert! We went to Veniero’s. This is what I got! A trio of tarts – raspberry, blueberry, and chocolate chips.

Pyruvian… puff cake? Not sure what it was called, but it had a whole lot of cream!

Chocolate shell with vanilla ice cream with strawberries inside, yum…

Zuppa inglese – what they’re actually known for. Golden sponge cake soaked in Caribbean rum layered with vanilla and chocolate custard, iced with buttercream and almonds. (This was featured on Food Network!)

What a great day of food! S’mac was quite heavy with all the cheese, but satisfying. Desserts definitely made us go on a sugar high, but were so worth it. It was a nice little cafe that you could come and enjoy desserts or take out. Lots other pastries not pictured.

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NYC – Upscale ramen

The day we arrived in New York, we were all pretty tired out from the red eye flight coming in at 6am. Took a quick pick me up nap and headed for lunch at St. Marks. They are notorious for their Japanese food and ramen just sounded like a satisfying and warm meal so we went for it. We went to Ippudo, which had over 3,000 reviews on yelp! So it must be good.

Cool wall decals. Wish I could read it…

My friend, Carol and I split a lunch set which consisted of a small salad, akamaru ramen, and roast pork over rice. The akamaru ramen is the original “tonkotsu” noodle soup that is topped with Ippudo’s secret “umami dama.” It consists of miso paste, pork chashu, cabbage, kikurage, scallions, and flavored garlic oil.

This was probably the best ramen I have had in a long time. It was a little cold and wet, so this was a nice warm meal to start out our first day in NYC. Ippudo is a trendy Japanese noodle restaurant that will satisfy your ramen cravings. 🙂

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