Mediterranean food, here we come!

Johnny and I were trying to figure out where to eat lunch before he had to head home after 4th of July weekend. He has this “passport” thing with a bunch of restaurants and you get a pretty good deal with it. Usually the offer is “buy one get one free entree.” So we were searching through the list and this restaurant, Lola, had great reviews, so we decided to check out it out! Little did we know, it was a Tom Douglas restaurant! I haven’t tried one of his yet, but it seemed promising. It was Greek/Mediterranean, which sounded appetizing… and boy, it sure was.

Yum, cucumber lemonade. It was soo refreshing! I loved it. Great mix of flavors.

We ordered this starter, which is grilled fresh pita, and this sweet red pepper spread. Johnny insisted on getting it. Not going to lie, it was pretty smooth tasting.

This was my dish! I couldn’t decide which kebabs I wanted, and the server said there were three and I could mix it up! I got one portabello oyster mushroom kebab and 2 lamb carmalized garlic-red wine kebabs served with pitas and smashed fried garlic potatoes and yogurt. I’ve got to say, with every bite of my kebabs, a smile creeped up on my face. The mushrooms had such a great smoky flavor and were so plump. The lamb was extremely tender and had a great flavor that melted in your mouth. I couldn’t stop. I was completely satisfied, even more than satisfied with my choice.

This was Johnny’s dish. It was the special of the day, a garlic falafel gyro, minted cucumber, and tzatziki, which is that white sauce for the falafel. I’ve had quite a bit of his too, and I have to say it was very good! The brown thing (I didn’t know what it was) was very good!

You can see that once you bit into it, there was green inside of the brown.. thing. Mysterious goodness.

Johnny also wanted dessert.. (fatty). These are the donuts they were known for! The presentation was pretty cool, it came in a bag and they shook it so the sugar stuck to the donuts. It was served with strawberry jam and vanilla marscapone. Great finish to our lunch.

Lola in downtown Seattle. Go try it! You won’t be disappointed 🙂 We left satisfied and not overstuffed.

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