Belltown brunch

In the heart of Belltown, we went to Local 360 for brunch. Our usual spot is Lola, but the wait was a little too long for our liking. Local 360 is pretty much your ideal new-American style that specializes in brunch.

Atmosphere: It was a nice day so the windows were open, which made the restaurant seem more spacious. There are a few booths in the middle of the room that can accommodate large parties like ours (we had a party of 8). I really liked the decor. There’s a rustic feel with all of the booths made of wood and high ceilings.

Pricing: Moderate pricing $8-$13 for entrees.

Service: Average service, but our server did well with our large party.



Latte. Delicious! My cousin ordered the macchiato, not expecting that it came as a shot (which is the European way that it’s done. Starbucks just adds a ton more milk!). So just be aware of that when ordering at many places.


Appetizer – PB&J bon bons with a side of milk. $5. I wasn’t really wowed but it was still worth trying.


House made chorizo, sharp cheddar, scramble, and biscuit. $13. The chorizo was excellent! A very healthy serving that needed a take home box.


Chicken fried steak with sherry mushroom cream, over easy eggs, and a biscuit on the side not pictured. $14. I’ve had a few chicken fried steaks in my time and this was a pretty good one. The chicken was quite crispy and cooked to perfection. I just wish there was more of the sauce!

Overall: They had a lot of items to choose from and it was a pretty hard decision for brunch. Needless to say, I’ll be back to try their other dishes. This restaurant is pretty much a Seattle staple that everyone should try.

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