Happy 3rd Anniversary, Lloyd Martin!

Lloyd Martin. My absolute favorite restaurant in Queen Anne and probably one of my top 5 restaurants in Seattle. Sam does such a great job of modern American dishes that are unique and really worth while. I know I’ve already done a post featuring them during Seattle Restaurant Week, but here goes another 🙂 This event was celebrating their 3rd anniversary and they had such a good deal for $25/person showcasing 10 different dishes along with bread and other appetizers.

Atmosphere: This is a 21+ restaurant with bar seating about about 6 tables. Good for a company of four. I would advise to make reservations because this hit spot can fill up quickly!

Pricing: A whopping deal for $25/person. Suchhhh a good deal I couldn’t believe it.

Service: My favorite server is Michael. He has such a class while presenting dishes to you! I love that he describes each one as they come out. He also doesn’t need to check our ID’s anymore because he recognizes us.. hehe

Food: I apologize for the cell phone quality pictures! It was also kind of dark in there.

So after we got some appetizers (bread and cheese/meat plates), we were served our first course. Black truffle with white bean mousse! Nice starter for the night.


Their infamous hamachi crudo! Great bite size hamachi with that extra garnish to accentuate the flavor of the fresh fish.


Mushrooms with sherry and thyme! Quite an ample amount of mushrooms. Really, who doesn’t love mushrooms?


Big shrimp, chirizo, and sherry butter. WOW! Succulent shrimps that had banging flavor.


Lobster and chicken caramel ravioli. Nice subdued flavor of lobster that was gave it a sweet subtle hint from the caramel.


Pumpkin pie soup! Nice palate cleanser in the middle of our courses.


They ran out of their gnocchi fondue, but instead got the sweet pumpkin ravioli with truffles. The truffles are really to die for.


Elk ragu with huckleberry. Ok by now, I was getting quite stuffed. Not too gamey, but you can definitely tell it wasn’t chicken.


Pork roast and house BBQ. Great way to end the night with this hunk of meat. Tender, and cooked to perfection.


Maple cotton candy. Fun dessert that was quite interesting. Again, Sam mixed up the flavors with the salty, but sweet taste.

Overall: Congrats to this restaurant for making it 3 years! I’m a loyal customer and will be back. I can’t believe all these 10 dishes were only $25! Such a deal. They put a lot of thought into their dishes and it’s always such great quality. Keep up the great work!

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Seattle Restaurant Week Round 2

The next one I went to was Lloyd Martin located in Upper Queen Anne. I’ve been to this restaurant twice already and I haven’t been disappointed yet! I was really excited to go this time around for SRW.

Atmosphere: A cozy restaurant with not that much seating. I would definitely recommend making a reservation. There’s some bar seating and a few tables. It can get pretty dark at night but during the day, there’s a nice amount of light coming in.

Pricing: SRW dinners are three courses for $28.

Service: I have actually had our server before and he’s really on top of his game! They always replace your silverware each course and serve everyone’s dishes at the same time.

IMG_0299 IMG_0300

One of the appetizers – chicken liver mousse with pickles, sea salt, and a baguette. I had a bite of this and the liver mousse was really good!


Another appetizer – hamachi, baklouti (the green pepper), pineapple, cucumber, and sea salt. I’m not a huge fan of peppers so I picked those off.. hehe. The sea salt drew out a lot of flavor from the hamachi. It was my favorite appetizer of the three.


Third appetizer – mixed lettuce with sherry walnut vinaigrette, tossed walnuts, and shaved wookie hole cheddar. It was a nice light salad and the cheese was a little heavier than I thought.


First entree – baked king oyster mushroom, cavatelli pasta with truffle fondue. My favorite entree. The mushrooms were sooo good. I love all things cheesy and the burnt parts were the best.


Second entree – beef bolognese, fettuccine, and parmesan. It was a pretty large portion and I think it’s your classic bolognese dish. You can’t really go wrong with this choice.


Third entree – pork roast, white bean ragout, and mole. This was a really great dish as well. It was my second favorite. The pork was nice and tender with some fatty bits that I didn’t regret eating. Nice crust that was just a tiny bit crispy. Yum yum.


First dessert – blue cheese, bar cherries, watercress, and sourdough bread. My friend just wanted to get it for the table to try. So nice.. but I didn’t end up trying it because she said it kind of tasted weird. Haha. The sourdough bread was good though!


Dessert #2 – chocolate mousse with hazelnut creme. I thought it was pretty good. Nothing too special jumped at me about it though.


3rd dessert – tres leches cake with orange, chestnut caramel, and vanilla sour cream. I know it doesn’t look that appealing and looks like bacteria colonies growing on an agar plate BUT it was much tastier than it looks. It’s probably my favorite of the three.

Overall: I had high expectations for Lloyd Martin from my previous experiences. This one didn’t blow my mind but I still enjoyed it (entrees were the best part!). I discovered they have a room where they keep their wine right behind the tables along the wall. I will still come back because I know the chef, Sam, will come up with great things! They also rotate their SRW menus almost daily.

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