Katsu twist

I heard about this upcoming burger place that has a Hawaiian twist. Personally, I am in love with Hawaiian food so I was a definite sucker to try this out. It’s a little out of the way, but the trek was definitely worth it and filling. Katsu Burger in Georgetown.

Being new to this place, Keiko helped us out by describing the menu to us and all the choices we could choose from – being able to substitute katsu with tonkatsu and other options.

HUGE side of nori fries. You also got to choose a dipping sauce and they had a list with about 7 different sauces. So many good ones to choose from that range from mild to spicy. This one was curry mayo. The name definitely fit this sauce.


Boyfriend got the samurai select, top image (beef patty, bacon, pineapple, wasabi mayo & tonkatsu sauce) and I got the ohayou gozaimasu (beef patty, cheddar, fried egg, bacon Japanese mayo & tonkatsu sauce).

Would I come back? Heck yeah! Such a filling treat. I also got a green tea milkshake. They are definitely not meager, the cup was spilling out milkshake! Plenty of food!

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