Hidden deliciousness

The first time I went to Tsukushinbo, it was a little hard to find. They have an entrance through a plain door with no sign or anything. There’s a window with curtains. We maybe walked around the block looking lost for a few minutes but eventually found it.

Atmosphere: A pretty small restaurant with a sushi bar and maybe 10 tables. Minimal decor, but you definitely get the vibe that it’s a traditional Japanese restaurant. Go with a party of 4 or less!

Pricing: It really depends on what you order. They serve Japanese dishes as well as sushi with a variety of appetizers and entrees. Appetizers are around $5. Rolls range from $6-$10. Main entrees such as katsu, salmon, chicken teriyaki, noodles ~$10 as an entree.

Service: Quick service for being how busy they were. I thought they did a good job.



Tuna avocado salad with fresh tomatoes, sprouts, tofu, and oranges. It was very fresh and I loved all of the colors. Tasty salad and surprisingly filling. I’ve also had their mushroom, green tea soba salad and it is also very good. You can’t really go wrong at this place.

IMG_0029Chicken karrage! This crispy chicken was a delicious side to our meal. I’ve never had it before and I would definitely say it’s worth getting. 

All of our food! The bottom dish is buckwheat soba, tempura, and green tea soba. It also comes with a dipping sauce for the tempura. I love this combo and it’s a good bang for the buck around ~$12.

Overall: I think this is a local local in the International District that you should try. I would also suggest trying Maneki, another Japanese restaurant that is a block away. Be sure to make reservations or else you may not even get seated. This is a small place! I haven’t tried much of their sushi besides the salmon and it was pretty good. We tried ordering the uni (sea urchin), but it was sold out. Bummer city. I also hear their Friday ramen lunch special is superrrrr good and sells out quickly. If I can get a day off from school, that’s my next item to get from their menu.

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