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I got the pleasure of being invited to this food blogger event hosted by Jack’s BBQ in SoDo. This new central Texas style BBQ joint has only been open for about 5-6 months and I was pretty excited to give it a try!

Atmosphere: Even before stepping in the place, there is plenty of PARKING. Yes! No need to circle the block a few times and try to parallel. They have their own parking lot. Upon walking in, I noticed that there was a bar and lots of seating on the left and then many long tables right in front of us. It’s a pretty large restaurant! They have your traditional outdoor lights being strung around the restaurant and you really get the sense of that outdoorsy, rustic vibe. It’s pretty much what I’d imagine a BBQ place to look like.

Pricing: Lucky for us… everything was free 🙂 even our drinks. Looking at their menu, their appetizers range from $5-$8. Their plates range anywhere from $15-$47 and that include a combo of meats and sides. They also have sandwiches for $11, desserts ~$4-$7, and extra sides for $4.

Service: AWESOME. For the 14 or so of us, the waitresses and waiters did a great job of keeping us hydrated and fed.

Food: Warning – there’s a lot of pictures… and nearly every item on the menu.


Logger shots with their top shelf tequila


Appetizer – Frito pie (as you can see it’s in a Frito’s chip bag, yes there are actually Frito’s inside) with chili, cheese, jalepenos, and onions.


This is Jack and his wife. He’s giving us the low down on how he got into BBQ. He grew up in Texas but has lived in Seattle the past 20 years and worked at Microsoft. He attended BBQ camp (yes there’s such a thing!) in Texas a few years ago, bought a smoker, quit his job, and decided to open a restaurant.


Buttermilk hushpuppies. I had to restrain myself from eating more of these save room for the meats…

IMG_2250 IMG_2253

A look into their kitchen… and this delicious brisket. The guy working on the meat is known for being the “brisket whisperer.”

IMG_2254 IMG_2258


We got to sample every side! Starting from the top left corner: potato salad, Texas caviar (black eyed pea salad), mac and cheese, ranch beans, collard greens, chili, and remoulade cole slaw. My favorite was probably the Texas caviar. It’s really refreshing and I’ve never tasted anything like this.


Brisket, pork ribs, beef ribs, sausages (hot links and cheddar/jalepeno), pulled pork, and chicken. My ultimate favorite would be the beef ribs. You don’t even need a knife to cut thru that. It’s so tender and will come straight off the bone. They only have beef rib on Tuesdays (luckily I went on a Tuesday) and I am so glad to have tried it. Seriously. It’s so fatty, juicy, tender, and will melt in your mouth and make you the happiest person alive. The chicken was also surprisingly good too.

IMG_2267 IMG_2268

A close up on the beef rib.


1996 Texas state fair champion pecan pie.


Banana pudding. I can’t choose between this or the pecan pie. Both were really really really good.


Pecan pralines. Too sweet for my liking, but still good!


One of two thirty foot smokers filled with brisket and other delectable meats.

I had a great time at this event! I really felt like I got the full experience at Jack’s BBQ. You can’t go wrong in anything you choose (but I highly recommend the beef rib!). I will definitely be back for more of that beef rib. What I really like is that this is a perfect venue for very large groups. Most BBQ places around Seattle are teeny tiny.
It was nice to actually be able to talk to Jack about his experiences about BBQ. I really enjoyed talking to some of the other Seattle food bloggers there as well because personally, I didn’t know many people there. Thanks to Danielle who helped coordinate the whole event!

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