Poke poke poke – Sam Choy’s Poke!

I first tried Sam Choy’s at the Mobile Food Truck Rodeo in Capitol Hill. The line was incredibly long! I don’t know if I would go to another food truck festival for that reason. However, I follow them on Twitter @Samchoyspoke to get updates on their whereabouts because I know the line will definitely not be as long. Sooo I went to Sam Choy’s for lunch with a friend when they were at SLU one day. There was no line and it was much less of a hassle to get some poke. Ps. They also now have two trucks now!

Atmosphere: The truck is a nice bright shade of green. Very easy to spot! You definitely get that island vibe from the palm trees and waves painted on it.

Pricing:  A little expensive in my opinion. Dishes range from $8-$13.

Service: Pretty nice people! The food came pretty quick when I was at SLU. It took a while at the food truck festival, which is understandable. I think they were also new to the scene so there were some kinks they were still working out. For example, they had to let the rice cook for the next batch of poke bowls (which took about 20 mins).


Spicy salmon poke rice bowl! The day I tried this was at SLU. A little bit too spicy for me actually.. so I was kind of dying. They give you a lot of rice and a decent amount of fish. This was $11, not including tax.


This was at the food truck festival. Tuna poke salad. I felt like they gave even more fish this day. Very fresh (and not spicy!). However, it was a whopping $13 :/


Food truck design!

Overall: They have other things besides poke like katsu, loco moco, sandwiches and wraps. I would definitely come back to try their katsu. I also hear their spam musubis are a hit and they usually sell out quick. I would definitely recommend checking their site or Twitter for updates about their locations!

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