Asian invasion

This was a bit ago, but I realized I never blogged about this place! Facing East located in Bellevue is kind of a hidden gem. They specialize in Taiwanese food and it was quite an experience right from the beginning.

Atmosphere: They had a remodel, so even though the wait is pretty long, I couldn’t imagine how long it was before. This place has expanded and it looks more open. There’s a little closed off section in the front and some tables in the first area, larger tables and the main dining area is in the next room over.

Pricing: It’s a pretty long list, but appetizers for the most part, range from about $3-$8 and larger/main entree dishes are about $9-$15. Typically, the meal is eaten family style, but some dishes can be for an individual.

Service: I would say they are pretty good to their customers, compared with other traditional Asian restaurants.

Food: Five spiced friend chicken – spicy for sure. The crunch actually wasn’t as crunchy as I thought it would be, but a distinguishing texture.
Taiwanese pork burger! Oh my gosh, one of my favorite dishes. I’m not a big fan of cilantro, so I took it out, the pork is just so tender and went well with the hum bao. Drool.
If I recall correctly, I believe this was a special at the time, pig ear in salad. Not really memorable, thus I probably only thought it was okay.
Five spiced beef wrap – crunchy exterior, gave it a nice munch with the veggies. I would say this was a pretty good dish, felt very complete.
Yearling oyster spring roll – okay, definitely the most interesting thing I ate. I’m not sure how I felt about the sauce, it was a little on the sweet side and the texture of the roll was a little too chewy for my liking.
Spiced pork stew over rice – okay, another one of my favorites! The sauce was just so flavorful and it was so good eating it with rice. The pork was also tender and fatty just how I like it.
Stir fried string beans – just to get our fill of more veggies. It was seasoned well, and a little hard, not as soft and soggy.
Taiwanese chow mein – I really like noodles, and this really hit the spot. Another noodle I recently tried was the sesame noodle. It was a light saucy flavor, and they really give you a ton. I really enjoyed it! A much more unique dish than this chow mein.
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. Shaved ice with with mango, strawberry, mochi, and condensed milk. The perfect summer dessert to share with family.. or for yourself. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious, light, and refreshing…

Overall: Well I would come here just for shaved ice. They do have a number of dishes that stand out such as the pork stew over rice, Taiwanese burgers, and specialized noodles. Long wait, but well worth it if you’re craving some well done Asian dishes.

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