Happy One Year

It was our first year anniversary and we went to Dahlia Lounge, one of the Tom Douglas restaurants. I must say, overall, it was only okay. I enjoyed the coconut cream pie and mushrooms, the rest were okay. Worth the price? I’m not sure. To be honest, I have had better.

This was my entree. Crab cakes! They were decent. I thought the portion was a little bit small, but it was tasty. Nice touch with the homemade chips

Johnny’s entree. Bay coho salmon with watercress, mushrooms, green beans, bacon. This is similar to the Blue Acre salmon we also had. I think I liked theirs better because each bite really had a distinct flavor.

A side dish of mushrooms. The sauce made these really good.

Shoe string fries with curry ketchup and ailoi. These are the same kind of fries as Brave Horse Tavern, an earlier post I did. Still pretty darn good. I like how you can tell it’s a Tom Douglas restaurant with this link.

I’m really not a big fan of coconut, but this was absolutely delicious!!!! We engulfed this in a matter of minutes. It seemed like a lot of cream, but it was actually very light tasting. Not a heavy dessert as it appears.. my favorite of the night.

I would say give Lola a try over Dahlia Lounge. Not sure if it’s worth the big bucks at dinner. They also have a bakery right next door, I would also suggest to check that out!

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