Seattle Restaurant Week at Crow

Being around upper Queen Anne a lot, my boyfriend and I decided to try many of the restaurants nearby before we aren’t in the area anymore and Crow was on our list to try. We actually haven’t been to Betty yet either, their sister restaurant. Crow happened to be having SRW and thought it would be a great chance to try a variety of dishes for a good deal. Crow is located down the hill down the street from QFC.

Atmosphere: Overall, the restaurant is pretty dark with a light above each table. I thought this was a nice way to create privacy between tables since they light drops off between tables. There’s a bar on one side of the restaurant and the kitchen is in the back. It’s a pretty spacious restaurant with lots of seating for small parties and larger ones. It was definitely pretty busy even on a Monday night. Glad we made reservations!

Pricing: SRW offers dinner for 3 courses for $30.

Service: Upon walking in, we were greeted by the hostess. Not the friendliest greeting I’ve ever gotten, but our server was pretty nice. She made some great suggestions for us. I’d say service was pretty average.



Appetizer – sautéed prawns with shrimp chorizo over creamy grits. I thought this was a really great concept, but the bottom of the dish was pretty oily. The shrimp was delicious! I thought it was going to have a hint of spiciness, but it wasn’t actually.


Appetizer – marinated cauliflower salad with fennel, sultanas, pine nuts, and machengo. Let me just say this was a really huge portion! This picture does not do it any justice. Great combo of flavors especially with the sultanas (seedless grades). Lots of different plays on texture. I don’t really like cauliflower in general, but this was great. Nice light dressing.


Entree – brown butter gnocchi with roasted squash, wild mushrooms, sautéed kale, and parmesan cheese. I love gnocchi and this was great!! Nice crispness to the edges. I love the squash, mushrooms, and kale as well. Huge portion leaving me with leftovers for lunch the next day (which was still delicious).


Entree – pan roasted chicken wrapped in prosciutto with kale and carrots. I was really impressed with this chicken! There is so much flavor and taste to it. The inside was tender and juicy.


Dessert – oatmeal cookies with stout ice cream and chocolate sauce on the bottom. The cookies were nice and thin and didn’t overpower the ice cream. Again, great combination with the ice cream to balance out the rich chocolate.

IMG_2055Dessert – Apple bread cake with raspberry sauce. This was a tasty dessert, but it wasn’t my favorite that I’ve tried. Not that memorable in my opinion. It was really hard to choose 2 desserts from their list of four because everything sounded really good. 

Overall: I was really impressed with Crow overall. I thought it was just going to be okay, but it was actually very tasty and I had a pleasant experience. The food was tasty, but nothing extremely unique. They do a great job of new American food. I feel like it’s kind of a hidden gem in the corner and a slick sign. It’s kind of easy to miss. I’m really glad I got to try this 🙂

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