A Quick Layover

We decided to make a quick stop to Madrid, Spain’s capital for one night. I’ve never been and was interested to see how different it is from Barcelona. Since it was just a night, we decided to stay at a hostel that was centrally located. I’ve never stayed in one in Europe so it was definitely an experience. We were spoiled and had a bathroom in our room. We eventually got a roommate and she was not sketchy at all. Phew!

Airbnb had a cute roof

Madrid is quite walkable so we ventured out and about. Our first stop was to La Mallorquina in Puerto del Sol, a famous bakery in Madrid. We got these 2 croissant like pastries – one that was filled with chocolate and the other was almond.

We wandered around and checked out Plaza Major. It had beautiful archways. Buildings here definitely felt a little more regal and business like. I’d say even less touristy than Barcelona.

Before we walked to the palace, we got some tapas at the food market. Compared to Barcelona’s food market, this is definitely more modern and indoors. It was quite fancy! Again, too much food to choose from haha.

As you can see, lots of good stuff to choose from! It was a little pricy, but tasty. After all the food, we walked it off some more and wandered down to the royal palace and garden.

Ok! This next stop was a definite highlight. Ang had found about these almond cookies that were supposed to be pretty good. They are located at this monastery and made by cloistered nuns. Once inside, there’s a sign to show you where to go. So pretty much there’s this window and you put your money on the lazy susan. They spin it and then cookies magically appear.

Secret cookie success! If you didn’t think I had enough sugar consumed this day.. it continues! This last place had been on my list. It’s Chocolateria san Gines for churros and chocolate. It’s 24/7 so there was no time crunch. There’s also a line to regulate seating, which I thought was really organized and not chaotic.

It’s definitely not the sugary churros at Costco. They’re a bit more bland and oily, but once you dip it into the chocolate. Yummmm. Okay after all that, we went back to the hostel to rest and chill before some real non sugary food. For dinner, we went to a small restaurant known for yummy tapas. Sangria looked prettier than it tasted. Salad was pretty good. The pork tenderloin was the best part – tender and delicious. We also went out on a limb to try the octopus. It was decent!

Large regal buildings
Less touristy
Secret cookies were so cool!

Not enough time to check out museums

We got about 24 hours here and it was nice to walk around and check out the main area. We’ll have to come back for more! I know I say that about every city but it’s true.

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