Mother’s Day brunch

Pictures taken 5/8/11

Thank you Groupon. My brother reserved this restaurant, Bluewater Bistro right on the water of Lake Washington. It was a pretty nice day so the view of Lake Washington was gorgeous. I got my mom some heart diamond earrings (fake of course, I’m a poor college student), some flowers and an earring rack. Food was delicious nonetheless! My mom got a free mimosa, she thought those were flowers, haha.

Who serves banana bread as their bread bread?! It was delicious, moist, and soft! Loved.

My brother thinks he’s so cool that he has to wear sunglasses inside….

This was their special of the day. It consisted of a quiche of dungeness crab, cheese, egg, the usual, with a side of fruit, potatoes and a home made scone. This is what my mom ended up getting.

A close up of the home made scone, a little on the hard side. It definitely doesn’t compare the fair scones at all. Those will always rock my world.

This was what I ordered, dungeness crab eggs benedict served poached eggs on an english muffin with dill holandaise & a side of breakfast potatoes.

My favorite part of eggs benedict is breaking the yolk with the deliciousness going everywhere. Yum.The only downfall was the english muffin, it was a little harder than I would like it to be.

As you can see my brother’s messy plate encumbered in yolk. He got the salmon and spinach eggs benedict.

Overall, I would give Bluewater Bistro a solid 3.5-4. It has all the typical American food you could think of with a gorgeous view of Lake Washington. On a nice sunny day, this place is ideal to indulge in for any meal. The town that it’s in is also very quaint and cute!