Sea to the food

Johnny and I went to Blueacre Seafood in downtown Seattle for Restaurant week. It’s this deal for lunch ($15) or dinner ($28) for certain restaurants. They have a set menu, a few things listed as an appetizer, entree, as well as a dessert. You pick one from each. It’s actually a really good deal, especially at lunch because it’s a full meal for $15! We went for lunch. I actually went here for lunch last year and I really liked it.

The server saw that I had Mr. T3i and she told the chef, who gave us complementary oysters! It was really nice of him. These were Olympic and Virginica oysters (not sure if they were the small or large ones.. I just really liked the small oysters). They had champagne, soy ginger, and cocktail sauce. I really liked dipping it in the champagne one, it was light enough to add some flavor.

This was my appetizer! It’s a corn chowder with mushrooms. I really thought this was delicious. It wasn’t as heavy as it looks. My favorite part was the corn in it. There was a lot of flavor in it and they gave you a generous amount of seafood.

This was Johnny’s appetizer. This is actually what I had last time and I really enjoyed it. This is a clam fritter. As you can see, the presentation is very bright with all the colors. When you think of fritter, you think of something deep fried and greasy, but this was not the case. It had a nice light crisp that balanced the clam. The salad on top (especially the avocado) made it taste even lighter. Great few bites to begin the meal.

This was my entree. This was Alaskan cod that is breaded with mashed potatoes at the bottom. This was a very hearty dish that can be heavy. I only ate part of it and was immediately full. The texture of the potatoes and fish were very similar so it was hard to distinguish the flavors between them. A separation between the two would have been nice.

Johnny’s entree, which I really really loved!! (Compare this to the Dahlia Lounge post). This is grilled salmon with nuts, mushrooms, rice, and apples on top. I thought the apples added were an interesting touch. All of the garnishes added perfectly to the salmon. Each bite had a distinct flavor depending what was in it. I really liked the nuts because it made it crunchy with each bite! The mushrooms were also delicious in the mixture.

This was my dessert. Warm bread pudding with pecan ice cream. It was good, but it was a little too sweet for my taste. I just ate most of the ice cream

German chocolate cake! With heath bar ice cream and toffee in caramel. Okay, Johnny always had the better dishes… except for the appetizer, which were both delicious. I kept eating the ice cream. (Yes I’m an ice cream fiend.) The toffee on the bottom really did it for me though.

Overall, if you like seafood (or don’t) it’s a really good place to try it at! There are also different dishes you can try. I recommend it! The service was really attentive and helpful. You also get an assortment of bread (which also filled me up).
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