Blind Pig Bistro.. with a twist

Blind Pig Bistro took over the teriyaki place next door and kept the name of Eastlake Teriyaki for a while. They recently upped their game and renovated to Babirusa (I have yet to revisit since the remodel).

Atmosphere: It has a very teriyaki feel where you order at the counter and they’ll bring your food to you. Very casual place. Quite opposite of next door.

Pricing: Appetizers to main dishes range from $6-$12

Service: Very friendly guy that was helping us out and gave us some great suggestions.


Painted hills burger with pesto sauce and mushrooms. The guy who took our order said that if we enjoyed the steak next door, then we would enjoy this! This piece of meat was so delicious….

IMG_3263Pork belly with rice and kale salad. This was their play of a typical teriyaki dish and I think it’s a great rendition. Their sauce is homemade and you can really tell. Not too overly sweet.

Overall: I can’t wait to come back because they change their menu nearly everyday. It’s super close to where I live so there’s no reason not to go! Such gourmet food for a great price. Even if Blind Pig is full, you can hop over next door and have a drink and still get delicious food 🙂 I encourage everyone to try this place! It’s kind of a hidden gem that not many people know about yet. It’s a great place to go and eat family style.

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