Tobi gets neutered

At around 6 months, dogs typically will begin to get neutered/spayed and there are many recommendations on when the best time to do it. Each dog is different and it’s important to consider a lot of things. Our dog is male so neutering him at 6 months to us felt appropriate. Female dogs will have a different recommendation by vets and its best to refer to them. This is solely based on our experience and what was best for us.

Tobi isn’t a very aggressive dog. He’s rather on the submissive side, rolling over to playmates all the time. He’s rarely shown any aggression which we are thankful for. He’s very sweet to be honest. I know people say that about their dogs all the time but he really is. He does gets overly excited meeting new dogs and humans and will jump :/ In regards to being a male dog, they will mark their territory. When Tobi goes potty he wasn’t lifting his leg till maybe about 4 months old. Being that he’s a corgi it was hard to see when he was peeing so this signal to us was very helpful. He was marking more on our walks and such (luckily we haven’t seen it in the house that we know of). We thought 6 months was a good time to neuter him before he developed any aggression, marking in the house, etc. There are definitely pros/cons to neutering later versus earlier. It’s often recommended at 1 year because that’s when dogs are fully grown and their growth plates are fully formed. It was a concern of ours but we thought it was best to do it around 6 months for us personally.

Tobi did have a slight complication in that one of his testicles didn’t descend. This is known as a retained testicle, or cryptorchidism. This would require an incision to where it was located and to remove it. It is not too uncommon and still would be a regular procedure. I wasn’t too worried. They ended up removing the testicle from his abdomen region and was fortunately not as costly as expected. It is recommended for removal to reduce any kind of risk for testicular cancer.

Healing process. He was very loopy the first night and tired from surgery. The next day he bounced back very quickly and was back to his old self. Unfortunately he wasn’t allowed to go on long walks and we had to keep the incision site very dry. We had gotten him a donut but he was able to reach the incision and lick so we immediately switched to a cone. The cone we got was a flexible, cloth cone with windows. He did chew up one side and my husband patched that up.

First night home. We tried the donut at first but he kept trying to get it off and wasn’t having it
As you can see he chewed the side but it allowed for more flexibility to move around. Hehe pooping pic

The incision where his testicle was healed very quickly (probably around day 7) but the one on the stomach was a slow healer. On day 13, the incision was irritated and red and there was a potential infection. Not to fret, we were given antibiotics, NSAIDs, and a chill pill that would help with the healing process. Sadly it just meant more time in the cone and no long walks. He loves walking around and we’d walk him for a couple miles each day.

After several days we had another check up with the vet and we finallllly got the ok to remove the cone!!!! Still had to lay relatively low but he was free! 🙂

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