The last full day in Europe! It definitely went by really fast. We were able to spend some time in Krakow before heading to the airport to fly back to Paris for the last leg home. We went to the Pharmacy Museum and I really had a blast. There was so much history and they had such a pretty display of mortars, pestles, scales, dried plants, and everything. They had a huge monstera plant on the top floor and I was quite happy to see it since they’re one of my favorite plants.

We stayed one night in Paris before flying out the next morning. And I had booked an Airbnb for the night in Roissy en France which was close to the CDG airport that we would be flying out from. The hosts sat and chatted with us for about 30 minutes asking about our journey. It was a private room in a house and the hosts were unbelievably nice! They served us some wine and crackers. The host’s brother spoke English pretty well and even showed us around the town and gave us recommendations on where to get dinner. We ended up at a crepe restaurant. I thought it was a fitting finish to the trip.

Of course we had to go for the dessert crepe as well

After dinner we walked around the park and the town. It was March and they had some cherry blossoms and we even encountered some bee hives in the park. It was such a charming town and we really enjoyed walking around together.

The next morning we took an uber to the airport. Easy as pie!

On regards to Krakow…
Less crowded
Very affordable
Angie, she made it effortless for us to get around!

Wish we had a little more time to explore

It was such a fun trip and I can’t wait to come back and visit other places. Everything in Europe is so close and it just so easy to hop around.

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