Seattle Restaurant Week at Pomerol

Pomerol is a cute French restaurant located in Fremont. On summer days, you can go out on their patio and enjoy the sun and enjoy their food. It just recently opened a few months ago and I was excited to see they were on the SRW list!

Atmosphere: I went on a Wednesday night and it was bustling with people! Glad we made reservations. They have a small bar in the front with a bunch of tables on the other side. It looked like they could accommodate large parties. Another bonus. From where I was sitting, you could see the meats just hanging near the kitchen for aging.

Pricing: 3 courses for $30.

Service: Our server was pretty nice and gave good suggestions. Nothing really stood out for me with the service though. I don’t think he went out of his way or anything but it was still pleasant.

IMG_2184 IMG_2187

Appetizer – frissee, pork belly, and apple vinaigrette. The fried pork belly was delicious!!! The frissee definitely made me feel better about eating something fried.


Appetizer – castelfranco, roasted squash, pistachio, feta, and caramel vinaigrette. Overall, I thought this was okay. The pistachio was definitely a great addition to the salad.


Entree – pork flank, wilted greens, brussel sprouts, and whole seed mustard. I thought the mustard seed was a unique addition to the dish to give it a nice flavor as well as a texture. The pork was cooked on the rare side, which is what I usually trend towards. IMG_2195

Entree – Pan roasted chicken, golden raisin, larden and sherry.  I personally liked the pan chicken at crow better than this, but this was still good. Maybe a little too salty though.


Dessert – pumpkin chocolate bread pudding with bourbon anglaise. Quite a small helping. I could probably have eaten this in 4 bites! It was good, but I didn’t salivate or die over this. I definitely preferred the cake over this bread pudding though.

IMG_2199Dessert – flourless chocolate cake with dulce de leche ice cream. Rich, but oh so good with the ice cream. I wish there was more ice cream though… That’s always an issue for me.

Overall: Overall I thought this experience was okay. Some dishes were good but it didn’t really wow me. All the dishes were also on the smaller side. I think it would be fair if it was really delicious and then it mind blowing good, but the food I had didn’t. I know SRW has a sample menu on their site for each restaurant and that it’s always subject to change. We picked this restaurant based on that menu and then dishes were different, which was actually kind of disappointing. Despite that, we still had a hard time picking 2 desserts. Everything sounded good. I think I’d come back and give them another try. Their short ribs seemed really popular and looked delicious from pictures!

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