Seattle Restaurant Week Fall 2014 Round 1

I started the two week food journey at Le Zinc for lunch. This trendy, French restaurant is located Capital Hill. I heard good things about this restaurant from some friends so I made sure to put it on my list to try. I’m glad they offer this lunch on Sundays! A new thing they’re doing this year with SRW is that many restaurants are changing their lunch menus from 3 courses to 2 courses. I think it’s a huge bummer 🙁 This restaurant was offering a 2 course brunch.

Atmosphere: Right when walking in, the decor is what really stood out to me. It’s bold and they have words on the walls that really captured my attention. They have their bar in the entrance with a small seating area. Their larger dining area is on a lower level in front of their kitchen. I like that there’s a little window to peer into the kitchen to see the chefs working.

Pricing: 2 courses for $15 for lunch. They also offered a 3 course meal for $30.

Service: I really enjoyed our server! He was really friendly, engaging, and smiley. He even chatted us a little at the end. They weren’t terribly busy, so I appreciate that he paid extra attention to us. He also told us some of the specials that went on during the week.


IMG_2032This is what you’re looking at when you enter! A very classy, trendy bar.


This is their menu for their weekend brunch.


This is the view from where I was sitting from the dining area. I like the steel bars used as a pseudo wall between the bar and dining room.


Appetizer #1 – french onion soup! House made veal stock, caramelized onions, croutons, gruyere de comte (aka cheese). Nice top, but I wish it stayed crisp, but I know that’s always hard with soup. I felt like they put a whole onions worth of sliced onions in the soup. Not that I’m complaining! I love onions!


Appetizer #2 – chicken liver mousse with caper berries, dijon pickled fennel, and crostinis. Plenty amount of pate for the crostinis. I had some leftover. I really enjoy pate in general so this was delicious for me.


Entree #1 – mussels & fries. Shallots, garlic, white wine, and house made butter. It was accompanied with a huge basket of fries and I barely made a dent into it! The mussels were DELICIOUS though. I really, really enjoyed this. One thing I noticed was that every mussel had meat inside. There was NO shell-less mussel. Impressive! This was also a pretty large portion size. If you come to Le Zinc, this is one thing you should not miss out on.


Entree #2 – Croque madame. I’ve had a few croque madames before and thought this was okay! More fries for us to eat. I felt like it was very carb heavy and I only took a few bites before feeling full.


I really loved the mussels 🙂

Overall: Come for the mussels!! This is not directly in the heart of Capital Hill but a tiny bit south. They have free mussel Wednesdays! From open to close, with a purchase of a drink, you can get a free half order of the mussels. What a steal. I will definitely be back for this. They also have happy hour from 4-6p daily!

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