Deep Dish Round 1

When I went to Chicago, I heard of two rivaling deep dish pizza spots. Even though I was only there for the weekend, I knew I had to try both! The first restaurant I went to was Giordano’s. It was only a couple of blocks away from our hotel. The one I went to was located on North Rush Streeth, near the Magnificent Mile (huge shopping area). The wait averages around an hour, so you could keep busy by visiting some nearby stores like Zara or Nordstrom Rack.

Atmosphere: Upon entering through the revolving doors, the place gives a cozy, homey feel with Chicago based decor and wood everywhere. There are two floors, with a small and cute elevator lift to the next level. There was a TON of seating. Our wait was probably ~35-40 minutes for a group of 3. The first thing we did after putting our name down was picking out a deep dish pizza and pre-ordering it. I suggest this for everyone! It’ll cut down your wait time when you get to the table because a pizza takes about 30 minutes to cook.

Pricing: Our small pizza was about $20. This includes 6 large slices. Prices range from $15+ depending on the size and toppings. A medium specialty pizza is about $25.

Service: It was excellent! Our waitress kept coming by to refill our water, checked on us, and even poured our sangria carafe for us. She was very smiley and had a cheerful attitude.




Busy corner where this particular restaurant was located.

IMG_1061 IMG_1062

This delicious sangria tasted like juice. $17. I loved all of the fruit in each glass.IMG_1064

We got the house salad to split among us to feel slightly less guilty for our stuffed pizza. A pretty standard salad with light vinaigrette.

Here it is! The Chicago classic – green peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions. It was stuffed with cheese. This thick crust was a little difficult to cut through with a knife and only got thicker and harder towards the edges. I noticed most people did not finish their crust. It was definitely overwhelming to eat all my two slices. This small pizza was very filling and definitely shareable between 2-3 people. We for sure wouldn’t have been able to finish the medium! IMG_1068

My lovely pizza model and tour guide!

IMG_1069Overall: I thought this place was a great first experience of deep dish pizza. This is exactly how I imagined deep dish would be. Although it looks like there is a ton of sauce, it was not too saucy, but tasted more cheesy, I’d say. They also have frozen pizzas you can take home. I believe you can also order online and have them ship it to you! I would recommend that you try this if you’re in Chicago. It’s a chain so you’ll most likely find one nearby.

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