Seattle Restaurant Week Part 4

My last stop throughout the 2 weeks of Restaurant Week was at Poppy located in Capitol Hill. I’ve always passed by this restaurant and it looked quite trendy and crowded, but never really got the chance to try it. I saw it on the list for SRW so I thought.. here’s my chance!! I went with three friends so be prepared for a lot of pictures 🙂

Atmosphere: Upon walking into the restaurant, it was much more bigger than I expected! It’s a spacious restaurant that has a lot of seating. It looks like it can accommodate large parties and also has a bar area. They have draperies near the tables located at the windows to separate tables for extra privacy. I think it’s a brilliant idea to use them as decor and as a divider.

Pricing: DInner is 3 entrees for $28.

Service: Our waiter was really nice and helpful. He had great recommendations and everyone was pretty happy with their food. All of the waiters were knowledgable of the food. They described each dish to us as the food came out.


1st appetizer – Grilled beef tongue with sweet onion, currant, and parsley. I’ve never had beef tongue before and this was delicious! Grilled to perfection and not that gamey either.


2nd appetizer – Smoked trout with salsa verde and fennel salad. The trout was really flaky and went really well with the salad. It was a pretty large portion for just an appetizer!


3rd appetizer – Poached oysters with sorrel sauce and bacon. This was another really delicious appetizer! I love oysters and I love bacon, so this was a great dish for me. I would say I liked this one better than the trout.

IMG_04764th appetizer – Warmed smoked potato, fried chickpea and beet salad. I only had a taste of this but this was probably my least favorite of all of the appetizers. I’m not a huge fan of beets but my friend said it was pretty good!


Entree – This is what all of the entrees basically looked like. This is called a thali. Poppy defined thali as “a round tray on which a variety of small dishes are served, all at once to each guest.” The one that I got had a main dish which was ricotta gnudi with nettles, lovage, and maitake mushrooms. The side dishes were cauliflower – almond soup with harissa, radish and charred scallion salad, asparagus with ginger and peanut, fiddleheads with fingerlings and ajwain, carrot and beet green pickle (I didn’t really like this side dish), and nigella-poppy naan (delicious!). Overall, the side dishes were pretty tasty except for a one. I just wish there was some type of sauce to dip with the naan. I also thoroughly enjoyed my main dish. My friend got the roast pork and that was by far the most delectable! It was so tender, juicy, soft, and everything you could hope for in a piece of meat.


This super cute fiddlehead!


1st Dessert – Hot date cake with butterscotch, pecans and toffee ice cream. The combo of flavors made this a really great dessert. I discovered that I actually don’t really like dates. However, my friend said that this was his favorite dessert!


2nd dessert – Hands down, this was definitely my favorite desser! This is the japanese cheesecake with passion fruit sabayon and matcha crumble. DELICIOUS.


3rd dessert – Cinnamon caramel ice cream with roasted rhubarb. I thought this was also very tasty, but my favorite was the Japanese cheesecake.

Overall: I really liked this restaurant! It’s much different than your typical Indian restaurant. They use seasonal, local ingredients including spices and herbs that you can tell are really fresh. Normally, their thali is around ~$27, so SRW was such a great deal. They’re known for their eggplant fries, but I didn’t get a chance to try those. I would definitely come back to try another thali and the fries. I’d hold off for an occasion because it’s a little too pricy for me (I’m a poor college student). They also seem to be quite vegetarian friendly!

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