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I’ve heard of this really great burger place from a friend and I’ve been itching to try it. It’s 8oz Burger and located in Capitol Hill and I’d definitely recommend having reservations because it’s kind of small. It’s in the Harvard Market area and you can park in the parking garage. I know it’s always a pain to find parking in Capitol Hill, so it’s nice they have a free lot to park in.

Atmosphere: Rustic. Their bathrooms are like outhouses (but nicer). Their sinks are on top of a huge barrel.. and there are pictures of cows everywhere. There’s also a bar where it’s opening seating.

Pricing: $8-$13 for the burgers/sandwiches (without any sides). Sides vary from $5-$12 and shakes are a little pricy – $5-$8.

Service: I thought it was pretty average service. Nobody was extremely nice or rude. We had to wait a little extra because we had 5 people instead of our reservation of 4. I guess they couldn’t just add a chair to the table because it was a fire hazard.

IMG_9226IMG_9227IMG_9230Green tea nutella shake – $8. I tasted the green tea more than the nutella. Interesting combination flavor!

IMG_9233 My burger – the 8oz ($13). House blend, wild baby arugula, balsamic onions, hemplers bacon, beecher’s flagship cheese, and truffle aioli. They cook their burgers at medium and I thought it was a little more rare than medium but I like it a little more rare anyways. Their bun was toasted but still soft. I really enjoyed it and was pretty full by the end.


My friends burger – The Pike ($11) . House blend, lettuce, tomato, habanero jam, pepperjack cheese, roasted corn salsa, aioli with a side of fries! Huge bucket of fries for $3


The Jackson ($11) – house blend, lettuce, charred onions, fried green tomato, gouda, smokey bacon mayo and bbq sauce.. side of bacon brussel sprouts

IMG_9245The Pike with a side of onion rings!


The Hill (15)- house blend, wild baby arugula, braised short-rib, fried shallots, demi glace, white cheddar, horseradish dijonaise.

Overall: I thought this place was really good. They even have some interesting sandwiches like banh mi, wild boar, lamb, and turkey burgers. They also have a monthly burger and I think this month is a peking duck burger. Looks pretty tasty! I would definitely come back and try it again. They also have a lot of tasty beers! 😉

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