Seattle Restaurant Week Round 1

I’m really excited to post about this restaurant. It’s Art of the Table! As I was looking to make reservations for this restaurant, I noticed they are only open from Wednesday-Sunday and SRW was only going on from Sun-Thurs so I knew I had to call quickly to get a spot. The best time I could get was at 9:30p but I knew it will be worth the wait! Johnny, my boyfriend and I had a fun date night here ­čÖé┬áThe restaurant is located in Fremont, but more like between Fremont and U-district.

Atmosphere: It’s on the corner of a pretty residential area and the restaurant is small with limited seating, so I could definitely see why you would need a reservation. ┬áPretty cozy restaurant with a couple bar seats and about 3 tables and one larger table.

Pricing: For restaurant week, it’s 3 courses for $28 – appetizer, entree, and dessert. Normally, I think each dish is about $10-$18

Service: Quite friendly, and I really liked that the servers talked about what was in each dish. They definitely know their food, especially with the menu changing on a weekly maybe even daily basis.


Johnny’s appetizer: stuffed delicata squash with duck sausage, treviso-fennel salad, tomasins, and tomato vinaigrette. I thought this was a pretty large portion for an appetizer. The duck sausage was sooo good and it went really well with the squash. The tomatoes were very nice and acidic and even a little juicy.


My appetizer: crudo – seared tuna with golden beet butter, tomatillo relish and cilantro oil. The crust was delicious and all of the flavors went really well together! It was overall a pretty bright dish and I was really happy!


My entree: pork meatballs, red cabbage punjabi, burnt eggplant puree, pickled golden beets, carrot vinaigrette and curry oil. I tasted each on its own and it exploded with flavors. I think eating a little bit in one bite was ideal because the flavors all worked well with each other.


Johnny’s entree: chanterelle & cauliflower mushrooms, creamy grits, porcini puree, pepitas, garlic truffle oil. Overall the dish was darker and richer. The flavors were all much more closer together so there was no distinction between them. I felt like they played more with the different textures in this dish. I think there were also nuts in this to add to the different textures.


My dessert: almond frangipane tart, sherry ice cream, peach compote and huckleberry sauce. WOW this was amazing! Both servers were saying this was a really good dessert and I couldn’t agree more. I was really sad the shorty was out because that also sounded amazing. The tart was nice and crisp but soft inside and the peach was so good! I died and went to heaven with this dessert

IMG_8581┬áJohnny’s dessert: Dinah’s cheese, tasmanian pepperberry infused honey , butternut squash – candied fennel relish, pine nuts, lavash crackers. I really liked my dessert over his, but the cheese and relish were still tasty.


Overall: I was really pleased with this restaurant! I actually really liked the appetizers better than the entrees. I can’t wait to go back and try other dishes. I’m sad that a couple of the dishes were out but I’m still happy with the ones I got to try.

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