Local sushi

My family lives in Renton and there’s a homey, local sushi restaurant, owned by my friend that I haven’t been to in a long time. I decided to visit because I was craving some sushi while I was home.

Atmosphere: It’s a pretty small cafe, but a nice size to accommodate the average amount of customers that come on a daily basis. There’s a  bar and some comfy seating against the wall.

Pricing: I’d say it’s a pretty average price for sushi, nothing crazy expensive or dirt cheap. A yelp rating of probably $$.

Service: Very friendly wait staff! I’ve had my friend as a waitress and she definitely knows what to recommend. (Her name is Garmyn and it’s a family owned restaurant)


Appetizer of gyoza with sweet sauce – pretty much what I expected it to taste like.IMG_6118Lunch bento box with 3 pieces of tuna, shrimp, salmon, and scallop with a California and tuna roll, and seaweed salad. I was really full after eating this!

Overall: It was a pretty good deal, for ~11 bucks. I would definitely come back because their menu is always changing with unique combinations for their rolls. The first time I went, they had a really good dessert – tempura ice cream! In the end, my craving was satisfied 🙂

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