Buffet brunch!

I heard about a really good brunch from my brother, foodhipster206.com, and I knew I had to try it! I’ve been to their sister restaurant, Revel and I really enjoyed the food there.. so I had to go to Joule (also an asian fusion restaurant). They recently moved from Wallingford to Fremont (they share a building with The Whale Wins which I have yet to try).

Atmosphere: High ceilings make it seem quite spacious. They have their kitchen right in the front just like revel. We got to sit there and just watch them cook. They also have a porch area with a fire place. It’s a little small, but they make good use of the space.

Pricing: For brunch, they had it buffet style but with a twist. You get a main entree and then there were salads/pastries/other assortments that you can help yourself to. Each portion was $17, and if you got a more expensive dish with steak, it’s $20.

Service: Very friendly, we talked to a chef working and gave us good recommendations.

Food: (Pictures taken with iPhone 5)

We started with the buffet while we waited for our entrees. From L-R, pickled cucumber salad, pear salad, bok choy with ramen bits (actually very good!), tofu, onions, cashew and celery salad.. and a random pickle!IMG_1719

My boyfriend’s entree, their version of chicken and waffles. Black sesame waffles with chicken fried steak (katsu), smokey maple sauce with a dollop of marscapone cream. Overall,  I thought it was ok. The chicken was good only if pieces of salt were sprinkled on it to bring out more of the flavor.


My dish.. and boy was it delicious!! I had the porchetta with an apple salad. The porchetta is a bacon, breakfast sausage mix. It was crispy on the outside and full of flavor in the center. Apple salad was ok, there were better salads at the buffet counter.

IMG_1721Some pastries from their buffet – mushu pork pastry with hoisin sauce and a black sesame muffin. I thought these were both ok. The mushu pork had a little bit too much hoisin for my taste.

Overall: I would definitely come back to try something new! They have delicious look entrees to try (mac and cheese with sausage is my next). Their entrees are also REALLY BIG. We had to take the rest of our food home. They also have a rotating buffet menu that they change every month. This month was Chinese. I love the new location because it’s bigger and very close to where I live! I will definitely be coming back for dinner too.. to try their kalbi burger.

2 thoughts on “Buffet brunch!

  1. Callie says:

    This sounds delicious, Mel! I might have to check it out next time I’m in town. Thanks so much for sharing!

    I also have a quick question! I adore your blog, and would love to get in touch about an upcoming opportunity for Seattle food bloggers. But I wasn’t able to find an email address on your site. Is there an address I might be able to contact you at?

  2. hiyezz says:

    Hello! I’ve noticed that I didn’t attach my email to my blog, but you can contact me at mellovesfood1@gmail.com 🙂

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