The Blind Cafe!

What is this you may ask? Seattle Blind Cafe is back again this weekend, Sept 12-14 at 7pm. This is not some cafe that recreates dining blind by simply turning off lights, but it’s a total experience in just not eating but also interacting with others in the community, and you get a live Q&A with the wait staff, who are all blind.. but on top of that, you get to hear some original live music.

I actually got the opportunity to experience this a couple years ago and I must say it’s such an incredible event and you really learn a lot and get a glimpse at what life is like as a blind person. During this dinner, you really get to connect with your other senses because there are no distractions or social etiquette you need to pay attention to. They also try to use as much food from local sponsors, since Seattle has so much great food to offer. So come check it out!

You can read more about the event & how to get tickets:

Enjoy and have a great weekend 🙂


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