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A couple weeks ago, my boyfriend and I went to Lark near Capitol Hill. This was to celebrate the end of a great first year of pharmacy school. All I wanted/needed to do is pass my classes! I managed to accomplish that and I thought that called for a celebration dinner 🙂 My boyfriend actually chose to try this place and their menu looked great so we went for it.

Atmosphere: Cute little restaurant on 12th between Capitol Hill and the International district. There’s seating all along the window, mostly for tables of 2 and then larger tables in the middle and on the other side with booths. The tables in the middle are separated by a curtain, which creates a more private dining experience.

Pricing: Definitely not cheap! They have small ($8-$13) and large ($15-$25) dishes that are meant for sharing.

Service: I couldn’t really tell who was a server/hostess and who was not, there wasn’t a huge distinction between dress (quite casual) and the hostess were generally a little older. Everyone was quite nice and our server helped us choose some good dishes and create good pairings with what we chose.

FoodIMG_7184Started with this special! Dungeness crab cakes with butter lettuce, aioli and vinaigrette sauce. I would say everything was pretty average of other crab cakes I’ve had.


This was our next dish – pork belly with spinach and green peas. I’ve had a similar pork belly that is Vietnamese style and I have to say that the texture is kind of similar. Tender, with a crispy skin.


Sauteed wild mushrooms with garlic, sea salt, and olive oil! I’m a huge mushroom fan, so I was really happy with this dish. There was an ample amount of mushrooms!


Wagyu hangar steak! Served with asparagus. As delicious as I thought it would be. Very tender and juicy. Even better with the sauce.

IMG_7198Rosti potatoes with clabber cream. Okay I honestly had no idea what Rosti potatoes were so I googled it, thought it looked interesting and we gave it a go! It was like hashed potatoes but crispier. I would only mention one thing about it, it would probably be a good idea to mix everything once you get it, otherwise it gets too hard and you can’t chew it. The inside stayed nice and soft.

IMG_7199 We were pretty torn between desserts.. so we ordered both of them. Hehe. 🙂 This was the Theo chocolate pave with salted toffee crumbles, chocolate and caramel sauce with a scoop of coffee cream. Wow was the chocolate rich, but the saltiness from the assorted nuts were a great combination!

IMG_7202Our other dessert.. (yes I know we ate a lot of food lol) mascarpone cheesecake with graham cracker sprinkled on top, with a dollop of whip cream, rhubarb and strawberries to finish it off. This cheesecake was much more soft than any others I’ve had and it really just melted in my mouth. Yummm!

Overall: I thought this place was a really cute restaurant to take someone on a date. The tables can be a little close together, but you really don’t hear the people next to you. I really enjoyed the whole meal and every dish just felt cohesive. I really loved the desserts! I would come back just to eat those 🙂

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