Fooood galore

I’m really excited to post about this!! I won tickets from the WA State Beef Commission to Seattle Weekly’s Voracious Tasting & Food Awards. My brother went last year and after I saw his pictures, I knew I really wanted to attend this year. I’m glad I got the opportunity to go because there was such a ridiculous amount of food to try!

Atmosphere: This was held at the Paramount Theater in downtown Seattle. Gorgeous venue!

Pricing: Free for me! General admission is $45. There’s also VIP (you get a swag bag and also early entry, which is a huge plus because you get to skip the huge crowd) which is $85.

Service: Self serve, grab as you go kind of dealio.

IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6794 IMG_6799 IMG_6801 IMG_6804 IMG_6808 IMG_6811IMG_6830IMG_6837 IMG_6830 IMG_6817 IMG_6821 IMG_6834 IMG_6840IMG_6842IMG_6845

Overall: This is just some of the collection of pictures I managed to get while scavenging for food! There were 50+ vendors, including some food trucks stationed outside. Some of my favorites were the salmon, tuna ahi, and Cake Envy cupcakes. There was really so much food I could barely sample everything with just a bite. Those grasshoppers though.. were really interesting. I’m ready to be on Fear Factor! Jk. Crunchy and salty, as expected.  I can’t wait to attend next year 🙂


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