Dinner by the water

It’s that time of year again! Dine Around Seattle is back! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically where there’s a month of delicious, but a little more expensive meals, that are offered as a set menu. You get to choose an appetizer, entree, and dessert and there are usually about 3 options per. Great opportunity to try many things at an affordable price.

After some sleepless nights and rough exams, my second quarter of pharmacy school is complete. I celebrated this among with many girls from my class at Ray’s Boathouse.The evening ended with a gorgeous sunset right by the water.

Atmosphere: Located in Ballard, right next to the water.. the atmosphere couldn’t have been any better. Downstairs, on the main floor is the bar with dining and upstairs is the cafe, which is more casual and where happy hour happens.. which looks like I will have to return for.

Pricing: Being that is was Dine Around Seattle – it’s $30 for dinner. They don’t offer a lunch menu, but at other restaurants it’s $15 for the meal.

Service: We had a rather large party of ~16, but the wait staff was really gracious about some of us being late and accommodating all of us. The only negative side I would say is that towards the end of our meal, they lagged a little bit and it took quite some time to wrap everything up.

IMG_6693Night view of Ray’s

IMG_6674My delicious and very large appetizer. Puget Sound Mediterranean mussels. It was smoked with onion butter, red peppers, and herbs. Served with some crunchy bread. I would have to say my portion of mussels were quite large! The broth was sooo silky and buttery. Soaking my bread into this broth was utterly delectable.

IMG_6677My entree! I was so excited for this one. Idaho wagyu beef prepared at medium rare, served with red chili ponzu sauce, potato puree, and braised spinach. This steak was definitely one of favorite ones so far. Its crust was nice, crispy, and smoked. The meat was tender and quite juicy. The puree of potatoes was definitely pureed to the max. It was sooo fluffy, I’ve never eaten anything like this.. it was like eating clouds.

IMG_6684Dessert! Chocolate Feuilletine (definitely couldn’t pronounce that one). Rum ganache, coconut, and banana run ice cream. The ganache was very, very rich, but the ice cream balanced that out completely. Personally.. I wished there was more of the ice cream 😉

I really enjoyed Ray’s and like I said earlier, I will have to come back to try the happy hour. I can see this place being very popular as the weather gets warmer. The food was really great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Side note, their entrees made it difficult to pick 🙂 Not a bad thing to have such delicious options! Happy dining 🙂 There’s one last week!

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