Almost Like Mom’s Cooking

After a round of midterms, a group of us decided to go to the International District and eat some Vietnamese food. Vietnam House is next to Tamarind Tree, which attracts many people with its lavish decor and pretty much a fancy fancy Vietnamese restaurant. Vietnam House is much more simple and authentic. They provide a variety of dishes that’s almost as good as my mom’s cooking.

Atmosphere: There are larger tables in the middle made for larger parties and smaller tables surrounding it. It’s not a particularly large restaurant, but a suitable size. They have some simple decor such as the light fixture posted below. Besides that, they keep it to a minimum.

Pricing: Dishes range from $8-$10 for individual entrees. There are also family style dishes that can be shared.

Service: There are only 1 or 2 waiters helping out, but they’re pretty nice and know their dishes. I can tell it’s a family owned restaurant just by how they interact with one another.

IMG_6447This is called bun thit nuong cha gio. Aka – vermicelli noodles with grilled pork skewers and egg rolls. Probably the next popular dish after pho. This is always a classic, served with fish sauce (essential!).

IMG_6450This is what I got! It’s com tam dac biet. AKA – broken rice with grilled pork skewers, shrimp cake (in the back), and a fried egg on top. Also served with essential fish sauce. Portions are large, and I was so hungry I ate all of it. This is also another classic Vietnamese dish that you can’t go wrong getting here.

Overall: I really like this restaurant because it has such a variety of dishes to choose from. Another one I really enjoy bun bo hue – spicy beef noodle soup. Not like pho, but these noodles are thicker and the broth is much different and spicier. There is an array of meat, including oxtail. If you’re craving some authentic Vietnamese food, this is the place to try! 🙂

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