Valentine’s Day Date <3

For Valentine’s Day weekend, Johnny and I went to a restaurant nearby the U-district. It’s located in Wallingford in a green house. It’s called Tilth and the owner is Maria Hines, who was actually named one the new top chefs of 2005 according to Food and Wine Magazine. She has also appeared on Top Chef Masters and Iron Chef. Her restaurants are known for using local, organic ingredients.

AtmosphereFrom the outside, it’s a green house with some seating in the front area. Not your typical looking restaurant. The front area would be perfect for a sunny day. Once you step inside, the porch is used as seating with some bar stools. There are about 10 tables inside ranging for 2-4 seats (not recommended for large parties!. There is also a mini bar seating right in front of the kitchen. The low lighting makes it ideal for a romantic and intimate date. We didn’t make any reservations, so we sat at the bar in front of the kitchen, which was fine because we enjoyed watching them at work.

Pricing: Smaller portions ranging from about $8-$10 for appetizers and large entree portions are about ~$17-30. The appetizers allow an option of a larger portion, made for sharing. The entrees are also available in smaller portions, which can be nice for trying multiple dishes.

Service: Our waiter, I forgot his name, was really really nice, polite, and chill. It definitely seemed like he knew his stuff and made it a pleasant evening for us.

Outside the restaurant. Right on 45th

IMG_6550They gave this to us complimentary. It was pickled fennel with chives

IMG_6551My boyfriend really wanted to try this (large portion). This was the creamy jerzy boyz apple soup (he really likes apples). I thought the presentation for this dish was very unique. They carried the soup out in what looked like a ceramic tea pot and this dish with apple bits and caramelized onion shallots in the middle. You can see the shallots floating on top. Then they poured the soup over it. The flavor was pretty intense, but not something you’d really get sick of.
IMG_6555 Our first entree (large portion). This was the grilled Dakota beef Hanger steak at a medium rare served with polenta, foraged mushroom, and black garlic demi. Compared the steak we had a Blind Pig Bistro, this crust was softer and not glazed, but probably because it was grilled. It was still very tender. I like the choice of polenta as opposed to the usual potatoes. This really went well with the sauce underneath. IMG_6566Second entree we shared were the duck burgers (large portion). Served with fingerling chips, homemade ketchup, and hot mustard. I’m not usually a fan of mustard but it was pretty subtle. The burgers were also pretty tall, but the toasted buns were soft so you could kind of squish it down. The duck was also tender and not overcooked.
IMG_6582We had to get two desserts. The couple next to us got both and they both looked so good.. This was the dark chocolate sorbet with shaved Theo chocolate and hazelnut on the bottom. With it being so rich, I feel like the salted the sorbet a little bit at the bottom. (PS. Sorry for the different lighting with the last few pictures..)
IMG_6584Bourbon pecan pie. The crust was so fantastic and flaky. I loved it! Johnny thought this was actually better than the sorbet. Dollap of cream on top.


Complimentary espresso truffles. Not sure if it was the way I wanted to end because the desserts were that good.

Overall: I really enjoyed the food and they also offered a tasting menu for $65 per person. Additional cost with wine pairings. There were pictures on Yelp of Tilth’s brunch and it looks amazing. I will have to come back to try that! Marina Hines also owns Agrodolce in Fremont and Golden Beetle. Both seemed to have a pretty appetizing happy hour menu so I will be on the look out to try those. Overall, it was a fun experience, the food did not take too long between courses, which was nice.

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