Gloomy Brunch Kind of Day

You know what Sunday’s call for! Brunch time 🙂 Decided to check out some nearby brunch places not too far from the U-district and we came across Pete’s Eggnest. It was originally called Patty’s Eggnest, but it was later sold to Pete and Voula Sideris (yes, Voula does sound familiar right.. that’s because Voula’s aunt is the owner of Voula’s Offshore Cafe!). It’s no wonder you can see a similarity in the food. The wait was not terrible, about half an hour for two people. I got a friendly vibe right from the start and you can tell that it was family owned.

Atmosphere: Just like any traditional diner, there’s a bar in the front for people to sit and lots of tables. The space is a decent size. The walls were decorated with pictures of family and friends. I can tell there were quite a few regulars from all the cheery conversations.

Pricing: The price is a probably a dollar cheaper than I’ve seen at other restaurants. Scrambles & omelettes are about $8-$9. Pancakes & french toast range from $5-$8. There’s about 5 different types of eggs benedict to choose from and that’s about $8-$9.

Service: Friendly, accommodating.. I can tell they really want to seat you.

IMG_6057The special benedict of the day! Came with avocado, tomatoes, feta, and hashbrowns. I really liked the avocados with this, it made it less heavy to eat.

IMG_6059This was the standard Pete’s breakfast. Plenty of french toast, we didn’t even finish it.

IMG_6061I was really bummed, the poached eggs were overdone and didn’t give that runny yolk over the english muffins.

Overall: If you’re looking for a traditional American brunch, this is the diner to go to. They give reasonable portions for their price for classic dishes. I would consider trying their french toast and pancakes. Their sandwiches also looked promising. There were lots of options to choose from as well. I would give this place another shot despite the poached eggs.

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