Want sum dim sum?

One of the most notorious places to get dim sum in Seattle is Jade Garden. It’s in the heart of chinatown and they’re known for their cheap prices for decently sized portions. You will often see many people congregating outside and in on this busy corner, waiting for their name to be called.

Atmosphere: It’s on a corner of Chinatown and pretty easy to find. You’ll notice inside that it’s a pretty typical Chinese restaurant with a fish tank filled with lobster, crab, and fishes. There’s a main area with some smaller tables, and then another room with large tables. There’s also an upstairs with 3-4 large tables as well. Service up there is not the greatest because the dim sum carts do not go up there, rather they bring trays up. It’s always a really busy, crowded restaurant especially if you’re sitting near the front. You will definitely have people standing near by just waiting to be seated.

Pricing: It’s a really good price for what you get. I go with some friends and only end up paying about $6-7 and feeling pretty stuffed too. They categorize their plates from small, medium, large, and other specialty dishes.

Service: They’re quick knowing that this is a very busy restaurant during lunch time. Their goal is to get you in and out. I wouldn’t say their overfriendly or anything. It’s just pretty standard.

Sorry, I don’t really speak Cantonese to order dim sum, but all you need to do is point and say how many you want of each dish.

I don’t know what these are called, but if you say “football” they’ll know what you’re talking about. These are crispy on the outside with juicy meat on the inside. In general, they’re a little oily, but nonetheless really good.

The best way to describe this is rice noodles with shrimp. Soy sauce isn’t drenched over it, but a sauce that’s much sweeter. They also have BBQ pork and beef rice noodles too.

Honey walnut shrimp with light mayo sauce! Always a standard classic.

Chinese broccoli with hoison sauce. Gotta have some veggies 🙂 They definitely were generous with this dish too.

Okay, for this dish, I know what it’s called. Shu mai 🙂 These are one of my favorites to get. They’re filled with pork and mushrooms. They’re pretty generous with the portion and these are pretty voluptuous.

This is definitely not for everyone. Chicken feet! Personally, I love these. I really like skin, but the downside is that it’s very bony and it’s kind of a lot of work to eat. These are also pretty large compared to some other dim sum places I’ve eaten at.

This dish is also one of my favorites. It’s really hard to find here, but it’s pretty common in Vancouver, BC. This is called zha liang, it’s basically rice noodles with green onions wrapped around chinese donuts. This is with hoison sauce. It’s not as good as I’ve had it, but it still satisfies my zha liang craving. It came with peanut sauce, which made the sauce a perfect combo, but not this one 🙁

Overall: The wait is always really long, but I’ll let you on in a little secret. You can call in ahead to put your name down about 20 minutes in advance and it will cut down your waiting time. This a staple place to visit in Seattle to get some Chinese grub. I don’t recommend it for dinner though.. only dim sum 🙂

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