Asian Re-invasion

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t blogged for a while! I have been very busy with pharmacy school. But I got a breather to give you an update. Enjoy, there’s lots of pictures 🙂 I went to Revel over the summer because I heard from my brother that it was probably one of his most favorite restaurants! Even Top Chef Judge, Tom Colicchio was seen dining here twice! They are known to serve “urban-style Korean comfort food.”

Atmosphere: So it’s an interesting set up, they have a main restaurant area with a patio deck. There’s also a bar right next door, Quoin where people just go to wait out. Not too much seating especially if it’s a chilly day. What makes this place unique is that there’s a bar where people can sit at and watch the chefs at work. We sat at the bar and this definitely entertained me.

Pricing: A little pricier than your average meal. Salads $8-9. Appetizers $9-10. Main entrees $11-16. Dessert ~$7.

Service: At the time that I went, it was pretty crowded so the service was a little slow. It seemed that they were understaffed in their waiters/waitresses. She tried her best to be attentive though.

Food: This was inside Quoin
At the bar
Summer greens, red quinoa, black sesame creme. Interesting combination with a little bit of tang but the sesame creme placated it and made the flavors distinguished.
Short rib, scallion, shallot dumpling! Just the right amount of crispiness and meat.
Assorted sauces – fish sauce, soy, chili & bean paste. I was watching the sous chef make these for every single new table.
Roasted duck, smoked tea noodle, pickled raisin, duck crackling. This had a sweeter broth than the other noodle dish we had. The broth was more like a sauce and the duck was quite tender. The noodles were also different than any other ones I’ve had, but it fit the flavor of the sauce well.
Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, creme fraiche & spicy red curry noodle. A little too spicy for me, it was still very nice and they sure were not stingy with the crab meat.
What’s a meal without dessert? Strawberry shortcake! The shortcake part was like a cookie crumble. I’ll just say that this was the perfect ending to a delicious meal.

Overall: Portions are pretty decent for the price you pay compared to some other nicer restaurants. The noodle dishes really filled me up and they even feature some great rice dishes that looked tasty. Next on my to try list. Even though they have a small menu, they really do specialize and put more effort into each dish they present. Expect a wait when you come, but it will certainly be worth it. This Korean fusion restaurant beats out others that I have been to.

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