Polish for a day

One of my best friends is Polish and she definitely embraces her culture. Lucky enough to be immersed into it, I’ve learned some great traditions and tried some delicious food. There is one particular place that serves authentic Polish food. It’s located in Capitol Hill near central district. To get in, you must show your membership card or pay $1 for a daily pass.

Atmosphere: The food was served in a large hall with high ceilings, Polish decor that covered the walls such as flags, memorabilia, and pictures. Within 5 feet, you could tell that this is where people drink, eat, and enjoy themselves. It is really loud but everyone seems to be quite happy.

Pricing: Nothing too outrageous, pierogies were $8.50, other main courses ranged from $8-$12. Appetizers were $3-$6 that included onion rings, corn dogs, and fries. Not your typical Polish food.

Service: I would say it was only okay. They seemed to be understaffed, but it was also very busy the times I have been. It was hard at times to flag our waiter/waitress down.

Food: It took a while for two dishes, but it was worth the wait.
Blueberry pierogies! It was different to eat warm blueberries, but the coating on it made it a yummy dumpling. This sweet pierogi tasted even better with sprinkles of sugar.
Meat pierogies with bacon bits and sauerkraut. I really liked these more than the sweet pierogies. The meaty flavor suited the dumpling shell. Different from a fried potsticker, this is not as crispy. It kind of stuck with the meat as you ate it.

Overall: I really liked this restaurant because of the environment and the feeling I get from it. The food tastes great and you can tell they handmade every single one. It’s so different from any other restaurant because it’s in a Polish Community Center.


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