Girls Night Out

With everyone graduating, we decided to have one last night out before we part ways and continue on with the rest of our careers. For our last supper, we went to Restaurant Zoe located in Central District, right across from Skillet. Great spot in the heart of other dining experiences.

Atmosphere: We loved it right as we came to it. They had a screen door and a little garden out in front. The ambiance inside was also very nice. We sat right by a window so there was nice lighting and not too dark like some other restaurants. The decor is also pretty modern and added to the soothing atmosphere.

Pricing: They had small plates that ranged from $9-$12 and the larger plates were about $20 and more. Portions are a little on the smaller side for the price.

Service: Our waiter was excellent! He definitely paid lots of attention to us and helped explain some dishes to us. Superb service.

Food: They served really good bread with salt pieces on the top. They also had this balsamic oil as dipping and the combo was fab. I think I ate about 7 pieces while waiting for our friends. They were really good!
Complimentary soup! It was an onion based soup that was served chilled. Garnished with some green onions. I’ve never had a cold soup like this before but it had a creamy texture and an interesting after taste. I know some of friends were not the biggest fans of it.
My steak tartare. Served with fingerling chips, parsley salad, and olive gelee. The steak and chips combo added to the texture with a little saltiness from the chips. The steak was definitely lighter tasty than others I’ve had. I thought it was a refreshing flavor.
My friend had their manila clams with tarragon cream, aleppo, and grilled toast. I didn’t try it, but it looked pretty good! Look at that creamy sauce at the bottom, it just makes my mouth water..
My friend’s lamb sausages with ricotta gnudi, citrus, and fried sage. I tried some of her ricotta and oh my goodness. It literally melts in your MOUTH!
Another friend’s pork tenderloin (large plate) with belly brussel sprouts, mustard jus, and picked pumpkin. I did not try hers but it looked like it was cooked to perfection.
Dessert time! Vanilla panna cotta with strawberries on top. It was quite creamy, and I think with some more strawberries it would have been perfect to compliment the creaminess.
Lemon creme brulee with macademia shortbread. I’m a sucker for creme brulee so I always tend to get it. Definitely yum!!

Overall: I had a really good experience and they were nice that two people from our group were running about half an hour late. They still didn’t rush us out. I would definitely come back sometime since their menu is always changing.

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