I like your sushi roll, hotter than wasabi

It was one of my best friend’s 21st birthday and she decided she wanted to go to Wasabi Bistro! One of my favorite happy hour spots 4-6 pm daily, 10pm to close Sun-Tues and 11pm-close Wed-Sat, that will definitely satisfy your hunger. Happy hour is also open for those under 21!

Atmosphere: Right as you walk in, it definitely has an Asian influence, but also a modern feeling to it. It’s a U shaped restaurant and I’ve only sat on one side of it. They offer a private section that can be closed off by curtains for larger parties. They have a really nice bar area that is open in the front with what I thought were comfy chairs, but small tables.

Pricing: Rolls range from $8-$16. For happy, they offer a great deal of 3 items for only $14 that include rolls and other side dishes. Pretty pricy for dinner, but a steal for happy hour.

Service: I always thought service here was really nice, friendly, and helpful. They know their stuff, which they should and always check on you to make sure you’re doing okay.

Food: They offered edamame from the start!

Birthday girl’s roll – Geisha on vacation roll consisted of spicy crab, asparagus, pineapple, cream cheese topped with sweet chili sauce and as you can see it’s tempura style. I didn’t try any, but from what she said it was delicious and it certainly looked great.

From what I remember, this was the Las Vegas Roll which was eel, crab, cream cheese, and avocado tempura style. They also offer this in their happy hour too. Pretty good, but a little heavy set with all the deep fried, in my opinion. The flavors blended together and I definitely felt more of the crunch.

I think this was the Indecisive Angel Roll – spicy crab & cucumber topped with tuna and wasabi aioli. I think this was my favorite roll because of how light and flavorful it tasted. The tuna on top definitely helped make it more light and not just fill your mouth of rice.

Yum! This was probably the tastiest dish of the night. It was really nice of the restaurant to do this for her 🙂 Green tea tiramisu. Yummmm

Overall: Parking is difficult to find since it’s in Belltown, but I would say this is a pretty nice sushi restaurant that is a little different than others in downtown. It has a nice atmosphere with modern decor. I think they’re doing a great job of staying competitive with the other restaurants out there.

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