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Johnny and I searched for a brunch to eat during a Dine Around Seattle Weekend. We found this restaurant in Ballard, called Volterra. It seemed promising enough.

Atmosphere: There were lots of windows that allowed natural lighting to seep in. There basically two rooms when you entered. One smaller one with some seating and the bar. The other room with the majority of the seating with some around the outside and several tables in the center. We got a seat near the window.

Pricing: Since it was Dine Around Seattle, it was $15 per person for an appetizer, entree and dessert.

Service: The reason I disliked this restaurant was that we were basically forgotten about and it took quite a while to get our food. It was probably about 40 minutes between each course. Service makes a huge impact on me and can just put you in a grumpy mood.

Buckwheat pancake with sauteed apples on top along with a chestnut flavored marscapone topped with powdered sugar. It was not bad, I tasted more of a wheat flavor.

This is called the Milano Milano. You got a choice with how your eggs were cooked and I chose poached. It was pretty good and the asparagus with it made it an interesting pairing. This is a savory bread pudding with smoked Gouda cream.

Johnny had the open porchetta sandwich. Roasted pulled pork with tomatoes and horseradish cream. He likes his meaty sandwiches and I thought it was okay, not my kind of brunch entree.

Tiramisu. Pretty sweet with marscapone and chocolate sauce.

Coffee cake. This was okay too. Less sweeter than the tiramisu so it was nice to trade off.

Overall: I thought it was okay, but like I said the service just put a dent to the meal. The farmer’s market was just down the street so it was nice just to walk around after the meal. We got some delicious tasting raspberry apple cider. I wouldn’t come back to Volterra, but I would definitely come back to the farmer’s market!

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